United Front Games On Sleeping Dogs Sequel, Reasons Behind Creating Triad Wars, Engine Improvements

During a recent Reddit AMA, United Front Games' developers revealed some interesting new details about this new upcoming PC-only online game. In addition, United Front Games' devs talked a bit about the sequel to Sleeping Dogs, as well as the reasons behind creating Triad Wars.

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matrixman921542d ago

or they can just cancel it and make a real sleeping dogs 2...that would be cool as well

DragoonsScaleLegends1542d ago

I agree but that's not going to happen.

AudioEppa1542d ago

I have respect for united front games, while watching their dev videos on sleeping dogs I saw how passionate they were about it and as fan of TPS games I was overjoyed by there willing to put out a game like SD around all the first person shooters cluttering the market.

With that said, i'm willing to give them a couple years or three to see if they will bring out a sequel, if not, then I hope they are ready to deal with the lack of interest in what they create next (TW) because it would be a shame if they let other people screw with their vision because this just doesn't feel like their decision. I'm sorry but it don't an I hope that it isn't a decision that kill them in the long run.

I love rockstar, but as gamer who loves Open/sandbox 3rd person games, I need more than just GTA every 4 years and with saints row being too weird, I need other developers to step up and make these cool story action adventure games and it's just a little heartbreaking seeing that sleeping dogs 2 has this awkward yes or no vibe around if it will ever be me made.

Baccra171542d ago

Not even pork buns are powerful enough to secure a sequel.

SilentNegotiator1542d ago

APB was such a could a company say no to making a F2P third person shooter MMO?


Roccetarius1542d ago

APB wasn't a success before changing hands, though.

SilentNegotiator1541d ago

I was being sarcastic. APB was a disaster and barely made it after becoming F2P.