Meme Run Could Come to the Wii U eShop and Could be the Worst Game Ever Created

Meme Run is a horrid looking endless runner that is eying a Wii U eShop release.

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Metallox1541d ago

This shouldn't be approved by Nintendo.

EliteGameKnight1541d ago

isn't the thing that makes these sort games fun, or more accurately addictive, is the fact that the only reason you failed was because you messed up and the only person you could blame is yourself? This game seems to throw that out the window and instead puts a bunch of moving images and loud noises over your character to add a lazy increase in difficulty. That coupled with the fact that the game looks pre-alpha, sorry, this just seems like strait up shovelware capitalizing on Nintendo's incredibly lessened quality control

robparko1541d ago

Lazy is certainly a great word to describe this crap.

Nevers0ft1541d ago

Many of those memes actually have copyright attached to them so this could quite easily turn into "Infringement: The Game". The Trollface artist in particular is pretty litigious.

robparko1541d ago

This is something I wasn't aware of, but it certainly speaks to the laziness of this game.