Project CARS vs Real Life - Caterham 7 Race at British Circuit of Brands Hatch

DSOGaming writes: "YouTube’s ‘ADRIANF1esp’ has shared with us a video showing a comparison of one race between Project CARS and the real life, both with the Caterham 7 at the historic British circuit of Brands Hatch. This video shows how close to the real deal Slightly Mad Studios’ actually is, so kudos to ADRIANF1esp for the comparison."

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ATi_Elite1547d ago

The car needs a ton of work as it lacks so much detail but there were times that the background of Pcars looked the same as the real thing but the car needs more work.

All in all Pcars is approaching a level of detail never before seen in video games.

Dee_911546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

i wasn't even paying attention to the graphics. The way the car handled and speed in corners is what impressed me most. At certain points they even began to over-steer at the same time.They may not have the little details on the car itself but the physics looked spot on

asiatico1546d ago

It is looking amazing. I just discovered this game and saw how many different driving styles it includes, the attention to detail.. Can't wait to play it. Whenever project morpheus comes out it'll be amazing to play.

herbs1546d ago

I know I'm getting off track here but I wouldn't get to excited about project Morpheus if I were you. 30fps VR will be disorientating not to mention the resolution is not high enough to be inches from your eyes. Sadly the PS4 isn't powerful enough, for compelling VR you need dual 1080p rendering at 60fps for VR to basically not suck and project Morpheus-PS4 is only capable of half that. Game looks awesome though cant wait to use my G27 racing wheel.

AndrewLB1546d ago

I take it you're not a beta tester. Because if you were, you'd never say such things about the cars needing work. Lots of minor details don't seem to show up in due to youtube compression. LIke how it often turns carbon fiber into a dark gray area.

I made this video a few days ago taking on the Nurburgring in a Radical SR3, my all time favorite track car. Mainly because I have about 20 hours of seat time in these race cars back when I could afford such amazing things.

And here is the real deal. The camera isn't on my car, but a friends since we had a failure of my camera mount on the main stretch earlier that day. I'm in the red helmet and hits the track first. The track is Spring Mountain Motorsports in Nevada at the end very close to Death Valley. A great technical track except we only had a small part of it that day.

Dee_911546d ago

I think he was talking about random pieces like the fire extinguisher and some buttons and dials and roll cage etc were missing.. but those are kit cars so they could be different models.