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Consolenauts Metal Gear Solid 4 Review

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After 10 years of plot twists, difficult to follow storylines and several bipedal tanks, the saga of Solid Snake has finally come to a close. I'll miss the hidden lingerie models and the guy with a never ending case of violent diarrhea among other things… Here's my review of what will likely be seen as one of the greatest games of all time. (Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, PS3) 5/5

Credit url: consolenauts.com
The Wood  +   2448d ago
now we know why he had diarrhoea

on the score, well there's another 1
clintos59  +   2448d ago
lmao yeah
A little bit of a spoiler but yeah I think thats something ill always remember funny from it aswell, lol.
Silogon  +   2448d ago
How many 10's and perfects does it need to obtain a 97%? Also, the more 5 out of 5 reviews actually doesn't help as meta and gamerankings go by the bias .00 scale.
Veryangryxbot  +   2448d ago
Another day, another perfect TEN!
Judgement game for 360
The game bots wanted soo much. The game bots never stopped salivating over. The game bots made numerous threads about.

The game that fking broke 360s legs last week. The game that is being run on almost every PS3 out there right now.

The game with unsurpassed graphics, epicness, sound and gameplay at the moment. The game that awed and dropped jaws.

Another day, another perfect 10. N4G metarating has this game at 96% currently. Unlike Metacritics and Gamerankings, N4G metarating uses almost every respectable review site and not just selected pro 360/ anti PS3 review sites.
butterfinger  +   2448d ago
Lol @ metacritic being biased...
They convert their scores to the 100 point scale. Did you honestly think otherwise? A 5/5 is equal to 100. lol. They may or may not use a certain publication, but that makes sense when you have every blogger and random site reviewing the game.

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