MGS4 outsells nearest rival by over 12-to-1 in Japan

Japanese sales figures for the week ending June 15, reported by Media Create, put Konami's Metal Gear Solid 4 as the runaway leader of the pack, outselling its nearest rival by a margin of 12-to-1.

465,000 units of the PS3 exclusive were sold, compared to only 38,000 units of Mario Kart Wii. So dominant was MGS4 that it outsold the rest of the Top 10 combined (216,000) by 249,000 units.

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Mc Fadge3828d ago

Hot damn! 12 to 1? That's insane ownage!

Britjadg3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

have to agree. i'm actually speechless, that is a lot of games!

hardware speaking as well it equates to 77 ps3's sold for a single xbox. those are numbers i LIKE!!!

fishd3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

It's an honor to be beaten by the ALMIGHTY MGS4!We salute you!

Edit:hey you!stop pressing the goddamn disagree button on every comment!

Acidicpack3828d ago

deserves nothing less. Its a true masterpiece. I hope it out sells every game that drops here in the states to. This is a game that that every one needs to play . It has no equal!!!!

IF you you don't own a PS3 GO OUT AND BUY ONE!!! This game is wroth every bit of 500 bucks you will drop to pay this.

I just cleared act 3 all i can say is OMG WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jack Meahoffer3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

I'm still on Act 3 but loving it. I haven't played a Metal Gear game since the original on NES but I'm still sucked into the story. Presentation is amazing no doubt.

While I disagree with the Sony fans whining about review scores I have to agree MSG4 is a masterpiece. When I first started playing I thought it wouldn't be able to pass Uncharted as my favorite PS3 game but by the time I got to Act 2 it became the champ.

Loved the Laughing Octopus piece. Very original. Can't wait to see what comes next.

Edit: Figured I'd still get a disagree from the N4G corporate cheerleaders. You people ruin N4G. I get slammed by the 360 and PS3 fans for having an opinion other than the one given by your corporate masters. Won't be long till I have 1 bubble simply because I have a mind of my own. F you people!

If there are still actual gamers on this site give me some bubbles! Support free speech!

gunnerforlife3828d ago

i think u got a disagree for having a dig at MK obveiously someone here love MK:)

here ave a bubble and an agree:) ofr ur kind words;)

Jack Meahoffer3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

Thanks man.

Maybe your right about Mario Kart. Didn't mean to be harsh I just didn't' like the game. I found it frustrating. You get in first place by driving well then get pinged a million times by everyone in the back with cheap weapons you can't dodge. The original MK games were great. For me its been all down hill since Mario Kart 64.

Shadow Flare3828d ago

Im really, really happy MGS4 has sold so well. It really deserves it.

Tarasque3828d ago

This is really laughable, show's how people hype stupid stuff up. There was no other big release. Mariokart for the wii was in second come one people that released when in japan. People are making a big deal in japan about sale's but i haven't seen any other figure's. My understanding is that it didn't do real well in the US or UK.

Britjadg3828d ago

hardware wise i dont think it did spectacularly in those territories, but from waht i understand the software is moving.

iHEARTboobs3827d ago

All those other games got a real Solid Teabagging.

tweaker3827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

Haha. "I'd still get a disagree from the N4G corporate cheerleaders" - Quote of the day!

That was funny as f**k.

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clintos593828d ago

Imagine when the ps3 drops to the price of $299. I am glad to see MGS4 selling very well, kojima and his staff deserve it so much.

mikeslemonade3828d ago

Still hard to believe that the preferred version the 80gb is still $500 and already it's starting to become mass market.

pwnsause3828d ago

well i wouldnt say mass market. its just that people were waiting for this machine to make its return, and oh my this bundle does this game justice. seriously, the PS3 should drop its price by the holidays.

jojo3193828d ago

I am one of the people waiting for the magical "below $300" number. However i don't see it anytime soon. They are taking a bath on it already due to the BR player. I'd say minimum of year.

Shadow Flare3828d ago

No, sony's in a delicate balance at the moment. If they keep the price as it is now, they can make some money back from the money they lost at launch because they were selling the ps3 at a loss. But they'll need to drop the price sooner or later to really accelerate sales. Personally, i think maybe look around the christmas period for a price cut.

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CrazzyMan3828d ago

It will sell 1-1,5 mln. first week. with 3 mln. ps3 by the end of the year. =)
If ps3 will reach 4 mln. FFXIII could reach even 2 mln. =)
Looking forward PS3 domination. =]

Britjadg3828d ago

FF is a huge franchise but i think it'll b hard pushed to do this well.

athlon7703827d ago

What I found hard to believe is MGS4 outsold the top ten selling games all put together!

"So dominant was MGS4 that it outsold the rest of the Top 10 combined (216,000) by 249,000 units."

That is awsum! Then you will have KZ2, another niche game, then like you say, FF drops on us. I would hate to throw #'s out on FF sales. They have always sold very well, I guess it will depend on if they get the control scheme down.

My first play through of MGS4 I went pretty fast and completed the game in just over 18hrs. This next time through I am going to scour the battlefield and take my time. Then maybe do the speed run to finish it in under 5hrs for the trophy.

Very few games (beyond Mass Effect) have kept my interest so alive that I run through it, then immediately turn around and run through it a 2nd or 3rd time.


Nobody say anything about Final fantasy until we get a release date . Its like a curse when you say that word another day gets added to the release date.. quite dont say that word....peace going to play mgs 4 tag name kampuchea420

Darkfiber3828d ago

Definitely, I was worried this wouldn't sell that well and it would be a big hit to the ps3, Sony really needed this to sell well and it looks like it is, good for them

superman3828d ago

But hasnt Mario Kart Wii been out since April.

kazuma3828d ago

that doesn't mean it can't be on the top 10, besides selling more than those other 9 games in the list combined is quite a feat

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