Top 5 Game Worlds in Which to Hide a Body

Hardcore Gamer: Video games offer us portals to wondrous worlds, but these game worlds aren’t just collections of isolated levels. Indeed, the industry’s best kept secret is that each digital universe is as expansive as our own reality, full of scholars, students, and, of course, criminals. Some places are more peaceful than others, but all it takes is one rage-induced outburst and you have a dead body on your hands (sometimes your own if you have a 1UP). So the question is, which game worlds should you be looking to for disposal? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

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mandf1544d ago

Minecraft comes to mind. Throw them in the lava and bury the hole. What an interesting and disturbing article.

ValKilmer1544d ago

Did Robert Deniro write this?