First Xbox One Rock Candy controllers photos

The first photos are available for the Xbox One Rock Candy controllers from PDP.

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mikeslemonade1369d ago

No reason to get anything other than the first party controllers. I'm pretty excited for the white controllers that will come out with the Sunset OD bundles. Once that goes on sale the controllers will be sold seperately as well.

XBLSkull1368d ago

I'd like to see what Razer is working on for an X1 controller, I hope it wireless though unlike the 360 one they made.

ArtificiallyYours1369d ago (Edited 1369d ago )

Finally some translucent plastic Xbox controllers. Though I'd ask for a darker Emerald-Green color... Nonetheless great looking.

blakstarz1369d ago

An emerald green one with LED's would be awesome!

xActionBasturdx1368d ago

Rock candy controllers blows so much that gamestop dont even want them lol

Software_Lover1368d ago

bought two, they both broke within 2 weeks

Sgt_Slaughter1368d ago

PDP, which used to be Pelican, are one of the worst gaming accessory companies, well... EVER.

Afterglow, Rock Candy, PDP, all shitty products under Pelican.

Kingdomcome2471368d ago

I really can't stand these controllers. It's something about the way that they feel I think.

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