Destiny Queen's Wrath event guide

New event was just made available in Destiny called The Queen’s Wrath. Queen of the Reef (asteroid belt region on Destiny’s map – you got to meet her in story missions) asks of guardians from September 23rd until October 6th to join her in new bounties and challenging mission modes.

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n4rc1547d ago

Apparently you need to complete one of her bounties to unlock the story mission.. There's a few of them and they give you a legendary piece for beating it..

But you won't get squat if you havent done a bounty yet (friend learned that the hard way)

Neonridr1546d ago

yeah I beat the mission solo and got a nice legendary "Queen's Robe". Basically the same as my current Legendary chest piece. But has a nice insignia of the Queen on the side of it.

Was surprised I could solo that mission. 26 Warlock here.

n4rc1546d ago

I tried to do the back garden solo as a 26 hunter and it wasn't happening lol

Neonridr1546d ago

I didn't have to do that one. My mission was on Venus where you have to kill the giant Knight. It was tough no doubt, but I would kill one guy at a time and inch forward until I got to the boss room. Then I launched a bunch of rockets and as many sniper bullets as I could at him. Had to watch out for the wizards and other mobs that spawned though. Again, was very surprised I could do it. But happy I did.

HugoDrax1546d ago

Same here! I'm a level 25 Warlock and have received legendary helmet, and the same legendary robe "Queen's Robe". I'm looking forward to future events that Bungie decides to implement

Neonridr1545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )

I haven't gotten the helmet yet. I have successfully done three missions now and every time I get the Queen's Robes. Good news is I keep getting the actual items, so I can dismantle the duplicates for ascendant shards.. but still, would much rather have the helmet.

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