Buying Used DLC Is a Dumb Idea

CCC Says: "Gamestop is thinking about about selling “used DLC” in the future. Granted, things aren’t set up to do so now, most consoles don’t even allow DLC transfers from one player to another. However, they are looking to the future, thinking about how used DLC sales can be implemented."

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Yi-Long1515d ago

... right now, developers are obviously trying to make lots of money out of nickel-and-diming as many gamers as possible through DLC.

However, once we can get the DLC-content we want for a fraction of the price the developers are asking for it, they'll have to start looking critically at how they price that content to ensure people will still pick and choose the DLC straight from them, instead of from some bloke who offers it cheaper, because that way they won't see a dime from that.

Hopefully this could lead to a situation where we would see much more attractive pricing for DLC, or better yet, free DLC, to make sure people will hold on to their games instead of selling them, cause 3-4 months after release they can look out for newly released free content.

Spotie1514d ago

Let us hope this goes as you envision.

As long as they don't pull the same crap they do with their used games- and assuming there's even a way to do this- I wouldn't object.

CerealKiller1515d ago

In business if you can make money off of something then it is usually a good idea.