Brand New GTA V Artwork Fom PCGuru Magazine Celebrities of Hungary game dersig pcguru.h the monthly magazine that adorns the special edition Grand Theft Auto V in a place never seen the crazy man Trevor's artistic work has appeared on the cover. Such artistic works or in magazines can see screenshots of the famous game. Scrape it in the memory of the first high-resolution version of Rockstar Games are welcome.

Here is the Trevor tremendous beauty of the artistic work ...

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wannabe gamer1539d ago

whats with all the GTAV trevor art lately? i mean seeign a few here and there are somewhat interesting but seems like there have been a lot just in the last week. i think weve seen plenty of art over the last us something that matters

DoctorFry1539d ago

I doubt that new trevor art is even official artwork from Rockstar.