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Thomas Chamberlain at The Koalition writes: D4 raised some eyebrows when it was announced as an Xbox One exclusive Kinect game during Microsoft’s E3 2013 press conference, Swery had reached cult status after the baffling but genius Deadly Premonition and people where extremely interested in what he was going to make next.

D4, also known as Dark Dreams Don’t Die, provides the quirky, comical characters we have come to expect from a Swery production and placed them in an episodic murder mystery that plays a lot like Telltale’s The Wolf Among Us.

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MrKennedy1546d ago

This is a good post of a review for D4.

Romudeth1546d ago

This game looks completely insane. Too bad I don't have an Xbox One to check it out. Any hope of it coming to the PlayStation 4? It would have a bigger audience that way.

NewMonday1546d ago

the way the game is designed and the undemanding graphics it will most likely come to tablets and PC.

Aussiebeachbabe1546d ago

Ahh heres new monday downplaying this game again. The butthurt is strong in this one.

NewMonday1546d ago


both DR3 and Ryse are coming to PC, all XBL games on 360 came to PC, sorry just facts

MrPink20131546d ago

Since when does graphics deter whether a game gets ported? All XBL games are on the PC? News to me, where can I buy Shadow Complex besides XBL?

I really don't understand this behaviour.

NewMonday1546d ago


the graphics part is why I think it will also come to tablets.

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blakstarz1546d ago

The game is published by Microsoft Studios so there is no chance of this ever coming to PS4. Luckily for me I own both systems, I'd like to same some gameplay before I decide to buy it though.

giovonni1546d ago

I own it and I am enjoying myself. I have opted to use the kinect and I'm not upset I did. Very responsive and controls are easy to use. The game is like a soap opera to include theme song and game introduction. Best 14 bucks I spent in a long time

Profexxion1546d ago

A title I'm legit jealous I won't be able to play on my soon-to-be-purchased PS4.

Aussiebeachbabe1546d ago

Your not the only one judging by 'new monday's' constant trolling on the game.

giovonni1546d ago

Yup, never fails. Can't give praise to a Microsoft game without having to throw a quick ps4 jab. I'm telling you that train is never late.

blakstarz1546d ago

Thanks man! I may just D/L this tonight.

GodGinrai1546d ago

Another one to add to my list of games to pick up this year :)

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