LucasArts tees up new Star Wars titles, addresses layoffs


"LucasArts has decided to pull out of the E3 Media & Business Summit this year because there is "too much noise surrounding" the show, according to company spokesperson Margaret Grohne.

The move falls in nicely with the separate event European distributor Activision - soon to formalise its merger with Vivendi - is said to be running in the US next to E3 next month.

Speaking to VentureBeat, Grohne was also non-committal over leaks from former-LucasArts employees that the company was working on a Knights of the Old Republic 3 title with BioWare and a Star Wars Battlefront 3 game with Free Radical.

But she also went on to quash rumours surrounding the recent terminations that internal development at LucasArts would grind to a halt."

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Silogon3830d ago

What the need to do is go back to the drawing board.

Veryangryxbot3830d ago

who lack originality, lack a sense of art, mysticism, character developments and the art of storytelling.

Everything is just flashy CGI but the story is numb and the acting is terrible.

Star wars, having achieved cult status in the 20th century, died in the 21st century.

Star wars force unleashed is looking like a waste of time aswell.

Ice2ms3830d ago

I Suppose From A Developers Point Of View Its The Smartest Thing To Do To Prevent Leaks. As For Battlefront 3 Arn't Pandemic The Devs Of Battlefront And To The Best Of My Knowladge The Team That Made Battlefront 1 & 2 Are Working On LOTR: Conquest. So Free Radical Are Their Next Choice Hmm ...

LostChild3830d ago

Nope, Free Radical took over the development of SW: Battlefront a while back.