Titanfall IMC Rising DLC - First Gameplay Trailer, Launches This Thursday

MP1st - Check out some of the first gameplay footage from Titanfall’s upcoming DLC, IMC Rising.

Included in Titanfall’s Season Pass, the third and final expansion for Respawn Entertainment’s shooter will introduce three new multiplayer maps, Backwater, Zone 18, and Sand Trap.

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Foehammer1546d ago

Respawn has supported this game very well, plenty of additional content.

coolbeans1546d ago

Indeed. I'm surprised just how many extra pieces like the Black Market or Marked for Death kept even more engaged with it.

DeathOfTheFanBoy1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

I was so in love with this game until I reached the gooser challenge OMG, soul destroying, alas I gave up eventually.
I'm just not a sniper/scope kinda player so for me it was beyond awful and I failed hard.

coolbeans1546d ago


Yeah, I got 3/5 of mine so far to get to Gen 6. Have you tried using the Arc Cannon? It's a lot more forgiving than the other titan weapons in taking out ejecting Pilots.

Multiplatguy1546d ago

The concept art for this game is beautiful, it has potential to be a franchise with a great universe if it does a proper single player next time round.

poppinslops1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

Yeah, I reckon they will...
Respawn will have to drop the 360 version in order to build campaign stages large enough for the titans. They might even try for a co-op campaign ala Gears of War...

They recently advertised a position for a dev with experience in 3rd person games (with an emphasis on traversal). This could be for Titanfall 2... OR it could be that Respawn are working on something else...
EA do have a habit of repurposing their studios.

Whilst I'm sure they will eventually release another Titanfall, I wouldn't expect to see it for years...

thezeldadoth1546d ago

such a better pvp than destiny. i really hope they add more content and a single player to titanfall 2, it'll really be a great game then.

1545d ago
blakstarz1546d ago

Awesome looking levels...this games gets better and better, I'm glad they are supporting it like they are.

BozoLoco1546d ago

That was a wicked trailer.

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