Driveclub – Plenty more manufacturers to arrive after launch and Split-Screen not supported

More details about the upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive racing video game "Driveclub" has been revealed

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Whirlwind_Fanfare_081463d ago (Edited 1463d ago )

Japanese, american and more european cars confirmed! i can see it already.
Nissan, subaru, mitsubishi, mazda, chevrolet, dodge, ford, saleen, mosler, bugatti, lamborghini, fiat, jaguar. I'm just guessing is all!
i would careless about split-screen BTW!

MysticStrummer1463d ago

Split screen is always a good option, but it's not something that would cause or prevent my own purchase.

gapecanpie1463d ago (Edited 1463d ago )

The only thing this game got going for it is Graphics and DLC.... this game is beyound featureless...
How can a game even be allowed to go too retail in this kinda condition?

SniperControl1463d ago

Expand on featureless please?

DoctorJones1463d ago (Edited 1463d ago )

A racing game without split screen should never be supported. Do people nowadays not play against people in the same room?

Such a narrow concept.

360ICE1463d ago

To be fair, I never ended up making much use of GT's split screen. More accessible games like Motorstorm (Pacific Rift, at least), Mario Kart and ModNation Racers suit split-screen better.

Then again, Driveclub is going to be a hybrid between arcade and sim, so I'd definitely welcome split-screen.

SaxScrotumz1463d ago

Bummed out that split screen is not supported. Aside from this, the game looks very promising and I can't wait to play it.

GameDev11463d ago

Online is pushing more nowadays than local co-op. so as much as gamers would love split screen, there are reasons why devs are abandoning it

I mean Forza Horizon 2 also doesn't feature split screen because of pushing more for social online implementation like Drive club

I honestly cant remember the last split screen game I co-oped with someone, most gaming is socially online nowadays

So that "should never be supported" statement seems a bit harsh.

Torque_CS_Lewith1463d ago

Horizon 2 is an open world game. How many open world racers do you know with split screen?

ScottyHoss1463d ago

I guess I'll be waiting for dying light to get my 4 player split screen fix :(

MysticStrummer1463d ago

"Do people nowadays not play against people in the same room?"

I don't and haven't for nearly a decade. I prefer playing online, though split screen is always a nice option.

You have a narrow point of view if you think no racing game without split screen should ever be supported.

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WeAreLegion1463d ago

Why are they selling the bundle with an extra controller and Driveclub? That doesn't make much sense to me.

DragoonsScaleLegends1463d ago

To make them feel like they need a second controller for it when they really don't.

ThatOneGuyThere1463d ago

because the battery drains in like 12 minutes. thats why i have 2 controllers..

WeAreLegion1463d ago

Haha. Fair enough. I have one for my PS4 and one for my PC. The battery is just fine for me, since I usually leave it plugged into the wall when I play.

ThatOneGuyThere1463d ago

i do appreciate how it charges your controller when the system is on standby

GameDev11463d ago

Really questions maybe they are doing something for local co-op?!

Rick_Ross_Boss1463d ago

How can you not have split screen on a racer?

MysticStrummer1463d ago

I guess you should ask the developers of many past racing games.

Rick_Ross_Boss1463d ago

Well it is annoying that many games are doing this these days. Love playing split screen with friends and family.

DragoonsScaleLegends1463d ago

Split-Screen gaming were have you gone? :(

aviator1891463d ago

It's still here...just not in all games.

DragoonsScaleLegends1463d ago

Use to it felt like almost every game would have it but now there are a lot that don't have it. Nintendo are the only ones who add in local multiplayer in almost all of there games.

aviator1891463d ago

I agree.
split-screen gaming is still a huge thing at my house and Nintendo is actually pretty great at that. One of the main reasons why we got the wii-u as well.

Torque_CS_Lewith1463d ago

To Xbox. Halo, Forza Motorsport, Fable, Gears of War...

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