Nexis Games Releases New Trailer for Dance of the Damned

Indie developer Nexis Games has been hard at work on their next project and have just unveiled a new trailer to Dance of the Damned.

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ground_beef1541d ago

Ok, I freakin love indie games, some of my best gaming experiences last gen were indie titles. Titles like braid, journey, limbo, Outland, skullgirls, castle crashers ....... And the list goes on. All these titles are great games. But there are also awful incompetent indie titles.

Now this is the worst looking thing I've ever seen in a long time. This is on ps4 and xbone !!!!!!!!!!
Wow it's soooo awful. It's not even alpha status. Now I could be wrong and this could be an alpha trailer. If so then they r excused. But if not then they should be arrested for crimes against video games.

ChickeyCantor1541d ago

If you think this is the worst looking indie game then you really haven't have looked well enough.

FYI I'm not trying to bash xbox live, just pointing out there is far more going on than this video.