Is Grand Theft Auto 5 the best open world video game ever made?

Similar to my other article about "The Last of us being the best Game ever made" I wrote why we at Genius Games think that GTA 5 is the best Open World Game ever made. We wrote a little about how other games try to copy the game, but could never really come close to Rockstar did and their innovations on the open world genre.

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Hellsvacancy1392d ago

Fallout 3 or Red Dead Redemption for me

ForgottenProphecy1392d ago

Ehhhh, I'd put GTA V ahead of Read Dead, but it's really close. I agree Fallout 3 is the best though

Stallion1392d ago

Yeah, those are probably the two best ones out there.

Highlife1392d ago

Red Dead for me can't wait for a sequel. Gta just never interested me. Skyrim was my biggest disappointment last gen.

Spinal1392d ago

GTA 5 followed by red dead

Massacred1391d ago

While I do agree that Fallout 3 was important as it brought the series back to main stream attention, like the rest of the hardcore Fallout community, I am going to say that Fallout New Vegas was better than Fallout 3.

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Derekvinyard131392d ago (Edited 1392d ago )

Look GTA V is amazing it gets so much right and so little wrong, but I gotta agree with hell here red dead got everything right and beats gta because of the story in my eyes. Fallout 3 was one of the first games that I actually put over 170 hours in and I don't regret one minute of it. As soon as fallout 4 is announced then I buy a next gen console

Massacred1391d ago

I used to think like you, until I met the hardcore Fallout community, they convinced me that New Vegas was better than 3.

Hellsvacancy1392d ago

He's entitles to his opinion, he may think i'm wrong, you could of atleast told us what your best open world game is before criticising someone elses opinion

ZombieKiller1392d ago

You would think with 1 bubble, you would at least TRY to say something intelligent or worth reading.....then again you have 1 bubble. Hmmm wonder why?

GTA V was amazing and still is. The graphics, frame rate, size of the map, detail and everything else made the game feel more alive than any other open world game I've played. I agree though, Red Dead Redemption was incredible and due to it's complex story, side missions, hunting and all the other fun things it had to offer (not to mention that awesome ending) I have to agree. Red Dead all the way.
Personally, I am having more fun with GTA due to the idea of all my friends joining up with me (the ones I know in real life) and making me crew leader. It seems alot more involved socially which to me, is awesome because I have the crew.

BitbyDeath1392d ago

I prefer GTAV over red dead. Enjoyed the story more. Mechanics were great on both though.

NukaCola1392d ago

Tough call in my opinion. GTA V os outstanding but so is Read Dead. I think the fact each R* title is an improvement over the last, it's hard to choose fairly.

BiggerBoss1392d ago

I agree skyrim is a better game, but GTA V is a better open world imo

MysticStrummer1392d ago

Skyrim isn't even the best Elder Scrolls game. They all have nice open worlds for sure and fun is subjective, but for a "living" open world GTA does it better. All my opinion.

ATi_Elite1392d ago (Edited 1392d ago )

STALKER Call of Pripyat

Wing Commander PC 1990

Legend of Zelda....pick one any one

Arma 3 or Breaking Point....400 sq km of death

RTS started the open world theme anyway with command and conquer or Total War doing it the best

But Gta has really pushed the envelope but I think STALKER is just better maybe because of the serious doom n gloom of their magnificent open worlds where as gta is more light hearted and enjoyable but still very grand indeed.

JamesBondage1391d ago

morrowind was/is a million times better than skyrim

Massacred1391d ago (Edited 1391d ago )

Problem I have with The Elder Scrolls is that each game becomes more and more causal. Morrowind was still the best balance between the D&D elements and Visually appealing elements.

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HaveSumNuts1392d ago (Edited 1392d ago )

In my opinion it's a tie between Red Dead, Fallout 3 and San Andreas for my fav open world game.

Palitera1392d ago

RDR, by far.
Fallout 3 second.

One of the greatest, though, was Elite. I hope No Man's Sky can bring some of that vibe back.

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