Blizzard Has Officially Canceled Project Titan

CraveOnline: "The MMO market has been struggling to evolve for years. There have been some great releases, such as Guild Wars 2 and Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, but even these games haven’t pushed the genre as much as many expected. For many, the hope has come in the form of Project Titan, a huge project that has been seldom talked about by Blizzard. Unfortunately, as of today there is no plan to ever release Project Titan."

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nX1483d ago

Crazy news, this thing was in development forever and just recently they said that their are restructuring it. Curious what went wrong... and what they're working on next.

Volkama1483d ago

I like blizzard. I don't like WoW, and I don't like the way they manage WoW, but besides that they seem to have retained their character despite the association with Activision.

YellowTempes1483d ago

no reason to be sad as no one wants another brainless grinding mmo

TheROsingleB1483d ago

Well, there's always hope for Starcraft: Ghost for the GameCu.....oh wait... :(

3-4-51483d ago

It's for the best. They realized they didn't even want to be making it, and they'd rather be making a different type of game.

* This is good news for a Warcraft 4 game or something similar.

Roccetarius1483d ago

Warcraft 4 won't happen, because WoW made sure of that. They've retconned far too much anyways.

3-4-51482d ago

uhh Warcraft 4 WILL Happen.

* The RTS Genre is open enough and still has a large enough fan base.

That and people have been waiting for it for a LONG time now....since before WoW...

UltraNova1482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )

I know I will get flamed for this but I wish to know what R* was thinking when they were making GTA IV...

R*: "Its not that good of a game, certainly nowhere near san andreas but what the hell, everyone is a noob for a new GTA game so the joke's on them we will still make billions"_ Evil_Laughter_

Blizzard, respect!

frostypants1483d ago (Edited 1483d ago )

Surprised? As long as people keep shelling out money for WoW, they have no reason to spend the overhead on something new. They basically have the market cornered as much as a company could hope to do so, so anything else they release will largely cannibalize their WoW base. So, get ready for another 10 years of "World of Warcraft: Wrath of My Little Pony" expansions.

Want them to do something new? Get off the Warcraft hamster wheel. It's a horrible game anyway (it's a shadow of its former self) and people just keep playing it because they feel invested. Search your all know it to be true.

Spinal1482d ago

Maybe some of us play it cause it's fun?

You clearly have no clue what you're talking about. Take off your rose tinted glasses. WoW vanilla I was there. It took ages to get things done. Now WoW allows you to achieve a lot more with your time out into the game.

Right now I'm not subbed cause im waiting for the expansion played beta and love the changes and the new content coming. Especially for pvp as that's what I'm into.

I've played many MMO's that have come out since WoW. They are all lacking in gameplay and have a lot to learn. The only game that has done well is Guild Wars 2. SWTOR was built on a terrible engine character animations are so stiff. I got two lvl 50s cause I loved the Knights of the old Republic. But as an MMO its mediocre.

Bottom line is understand why WoW has more subs than any other MMO. It's because it's Fun. I don't play Minecraft but I understand why those players love it.

Get a grip if u don't like something doesn't mean it sucks to those millions that are playing it.

awi59511482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )

NO all the old grinding crap only made me mad and i dont miss it at all. I been playing for 8 years i dare you go back and play the old way it sucked. And its very easy to go back and see there are private vanilla and BC servers. Go back and play that grindy crap where you run out of quest and have to kill 200 deer just to lvl in a area.

Spinal1482d ago

Why does it suck? No one even knows what it was. Who cares.

They said it was not fun and I believe em. Blizzard are very good at what they do. So now their focus can go back into their current games and new future adventures.

Guwapo771482d ago

@ francisjairam16 - Officially!

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Drummerdude411483d ago

Well considering the lack of publicity behind this particular title, i don't really feel anything.

JonnyBigBoss1483d ago


Haha jk.

Tzuno1483d ago

Good, now concentrate on Diablo 3 more or do D4 already with d2 in mind god damn it

Mikeyy1483d ago (Edited 1483d ago )

This really sucks I was looking forward to another MMO from Blizzard.

We never even got to see what titan was about :(

So what's next? Refocus of wow? Will there be a wow2? Perhaps galaxy of starcraft?

unkn0wn1483d ago

It was supposed to be starcraft related, sort of like an MMOFPS if I recall correctly. Honestly when I first saw the screens for it I was not impressed at all. That was literally years ago though...

kurruptor1483d ago

Titan was in a brand new universe, so not related to Starcraft.

I don't recall any screenshots ever? Where did you see those?

FarEastOrient1483d ago

I was hoping for a Starcraft Universe, but than again the same company hasn't even released Part 3 of Starcraft.

Baka-akaB1483d ago

it was never detailled nor claimed to be related to starcraft , the rest was people's own wetdreams and assumptions

frostypants1483d ago (Edited 1483d ago )

No. As long as people keep playing WoW, they'll keep farking that chicken into oblivion. You won't get anything new, ever, until people stop pouring money into WoW. This is all about finances. Why spend money on a game to compete with your already hyper-successful game?

WeAreLegion1483d ago

I know we didn't know much about it, but I was still excited to see what they had up their sleeves. I'm sure we'll get more info in the coming months about the work they did on it.

Still...I think I want a single-player action RPG from Blizzard now.

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