The Phantom Pain Is Metal Gear Serious

Hardcore Gamer: Hideo Kojima’s Metal Gear is still the definitive franchise for stealth-based action, but over time it’s undergone many a metamorphosis. Originally born from Kojima’s love of old spy films and a need to make compromises for the MSX2’s limited hardware, Metal Gear’s genre-defining stealth gameplay hooked players by the thousands when it hit PS1. And as the series moved into 3D, its cinematic roots would become one of the driving forces of modern gaming.

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DeadRabbits1545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )

Entering the world of Kojimas MGS is like entering a maze of philosophical psycho babble laced with a heavy dose of a fetishists darkest fantasies!

sipale1545d ago

One must not forget to take into account the considerable amount of..yes