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G3AR: "Now no longer mandatory, the Kinect is not the consumer deterrent it once was. Granted, it makes navigating the Xbox One a little easier and more convenient, but that’s not a lot of function for an expensive and, arguably, ungainly piece of equipment.

Instead, if the Kinect is to have its place and avoid peripheral limbo, especially in the case of the Xbox One’s South African launch where Kinect-less consoles are available from the get go, it needs to make gaming that much better. Alternatively, it should offer gaming experiences otherwise unavailable to the consumer; enter Kinect Sports Rivals."

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MSBAUSTX1542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

After that wave runner demo I really had high hopes for this game. It had really decent graphics and the kinect seemed to work really well with it. I preordered and got the battletoads outfits from gamestop which was awesome. I got home and it turns out that the only well done game WAS the wave runner one. It didnt recognize your face the way they advertised and the other games sucked and had a terrible time trying to track your movements.

I had some fun racing the waves for a few weeks with some friends and my wife but I traded it in and got something else. Not to.mention two.months after buying my. XB1 my kinect broke. Rare has seriously fallen from grace and I fesr this might be the preverbial straw that broke the camels back.

gr33nFIEND1542d ago

It may very well be, although I suppose Microsoft rather likes Rare's work on Kinect Sports Rivals and so perhaps they'll be given the opportunity for bigger projects.

That said, I found the jet skiing a little underwhelming and much preferred the Tennis, though it's not like an one of them is above average.