How fans can get Konami to re-release Suikoden II on U.S. PSN

Yuichi Haga, Online Content Producer for Konami Digital Entertainment, explains how fans can get Konami Japan's attention to re-release Suikoden II on U.S. PSN.

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kalkano1370d ago

Don't care. Remake it, or make a brand new game, and I'm there.

Magicite1370d ago

Suikoden 6 for PS4 would be so nice.

tiffac0081370d ago

Yup 6 would be better since we need a closure for the True Rune Saga.

Xof1370d ago

Suikoden VI for anything would be so nice.

Except for the most likely platform: F2P on iOS.

3-4-51370d ago

Have Suikoden 1 on my psp, and haven't played it yet.

It would be nice to get to play the 2nd one.

kalkano1369d ago

I'm not against a PSN release; it just wouldn't matter to me (I own it).

Lucreto1370d ago

Watching the stream and it brings back memories.

I am still waiting for Suikoden 1 in Europe.

killacal131370d ago

Let's do it! I never played Suikoden, but I know lots of people want it, so let's all try to get konami to pay attention to this.

Fatty1370d ago

Fatty still has his copy (even wipe the Crisco off my hands before I touch it), but I'd buy it again in a strained heartbeat when my pacemaker activates.

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The story is too old to be commented.