Happy 125th Birthday Nintendo

Nintendo turn 125 years old today. It’s quite funny looking across the internet to see comments like ‘Don’t you mean 25?’ ‘Is this a typo?’ and the ever popular ‘Whaaaaat?’

But it’s true folks, Nintendo has been in business since they were founded by Founded by Fusajiro Yamauchi on September 23, 1889.

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MSBAUSTX1544d ago

I am sure that millions of people share the same views you do of Nintendo. They were part of my childhood as well as sega. I was blessed with growing up durring the golden Nintedo Sega wars. But i got to enjoy them both. I really do hope that my son grows up with the memorable experiences that only Nintendo can bring to everyones life. Play quality, play Nintendo!

randomass1711544d ago

Nintendo was part of my childhood too with the NES and SNES. I fell out of sorts with them when Playstation came out, but since I'm making a little more money than before I'm able to have both a Wii U and my new PS4. I'm glad Nintendo is still around and I look forward to Smash and whatever other interesting games that might release. :D

X1PS4WiiU1544d ago

Nintendo is the only video game company I can call legendary.

Moonman1544d ago

I would wear a t-shirt that says "I Love Nintendo" with no hesitation. Been playing since the NES. Nuff's to 125 more's crazy!