FIFA 15 - PS4 Review - PSNation

PSNation has poured countless hours into the Ultimate Team Edition of FIFA 15 for this in-depth review.
Hit the link to find out just how effective the new goalkeepers and ball physics are, whether the aesthetics are actually any good, if last year's problems have been solved, and much much more.

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PCBOX1547d ago

8.5 that game deserves a solid 10/10. If you dont have any interest with REAL FOOTBALL ( I am German:)) 8.5 is normal.

Jatt_RM81547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

Maybe read the review instead of just the score, then all is explained ;-)

I'm from England, so I too "have interest with real football"... :-D

Masta Kaos1547d ago

You need to get your head check

pop-voxuli1547d ago Show