Lords of the Fallen - 60 minutes of new PS4 gameplay is joined by executive producer Tomasz Gop to walk through 60 minutes of brand new PS4 gameplay.

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Sashamaz1542d ago

Yep I see this as being something big in the future is it all goes well, kinda like how the witcher started as pretty niche but now its big.

uth111542d ago

Hopefully that screen-tearing is just in the video and not the game!

Seafort1542d ago

It is. They had problems with the recording software which produced the screen tearing that we see.

jobboy1542d ago

are you sure? i have seen different videos from different sources and all of them were flawed. screen tearing is the only thing taking me away from this game :(

Seafort1542d ago

Yes if you watch the video on Youtube the first comment says there is screen tearing from their recording equipment.

cruzngta1542d ago

At least PS4 is able to handle this game at 1080p. I am sure they will smoothe out the final product and get rid of the screen tearing. Lets hope at least.

ps4fanboy1542d ago

Read the YouTube comments , the tearing is from capture device.

JAT1542d ago

This looks great actually!

MilkMan1542d ago

Dammit! Im getting this no matter what!

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