Why Lords of the Fallen Impressed Me More Than Bloodborne

"After trying both games, I can't help but be more impressed by Lords of the Fallen at this stage of development."

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DatNJDom811545d ago

Both for me as well, although playing one on PC and playing a demo that obviously isnt using PS4s hardware completely is a little unfair. But then again what do you expect from the bias journalism these days.

starchild1545d ago

Yeah, I'll be getting both as well. They both look fantastic in their own ways.

UltimateMaster1545d ago

Bloodborne is more challenging and Lords of the Fallen is more into grinding.

Enemy1545d ago

It won't be anywhere near as good as Bloodborne. The art style looks a bit ugly as well.

I do hope it's good though, seeing as the PS4 version is running at 1080p will be the best version.

XBLSkull1545d ago

Bloodborne has a better atmosphere I think that will really draw you into the game.

MrPink20131545d ago


How do you know already which game will be better, you played all of both games? They both look great, yes Bloodborne has more pedigree going for it but we won't know how each game stacks up. Not sure what you gain by saying already this game doesn't look nearly as good like you have some stocks in Bloodborn.

Also the article talks about playing the game on the PC and here you are going on about the PS4 being the best version? Sorry but not all of us live inside this bubble where only console wars need to be applied.

dedicatedtogamers1545d ago

Does it really matter which one is better? It was already confirmed that PS4 version will have higher resolution (and likely better effects) than X1, so true gamers will just get both games and enjoy both on PS4. Only people who miss out are those who can't play both and make their own decision as to which one is more impressive.

AndrewLB1545d ago Show
LegoIsAwesome1545d ago

Love them both!! But in the end, both game is for someone.Bloodbourne is a game for those who want challenge and (SonyFanboys) while LotF is for multiplatformers.

RedDevils1545d ago

@DatNJDom81 you sound like a pc fan boy who is scare that the pc you invested in became obsolete lol

levian1545d ago

Yea I'll definitely be getting both. However, the character design in Lords of the Fallen doesn't appeal to me. I'm not a fan of the gigantic human/armor similar to what you see in a Warhammer game. Seeing a character who is absolutely massive nimble dodging around is just awkward.

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mattdillahunty1546d ago

it does look and sound amazing, and it's definitely caught my interest. one thing i have to point out, though, is the comment about the length of Souls games vs the supposed length of LotF.

"Another area where Bloodborne might outshine Lords of the Fallen is longevity. Klose told me that LotF will last about 20 hours (although there’s a new Game+ mode, collectibles etc.), and since games in the Souls are known for their massive longevity, it’s fair to say that Bloodborne should easily surpass 20 hours."

this comment makes it seem like Souls games have "massive longevity" for a single play through, and they don't. the massive longevity comes from playing the game over and over and over in NewGame+ mode. and that's great, there's nothing wrong with it. but if you just beat a Souls game once and move on, it probably won't take much longer than LotF supposedly does. it just made that comparison seem like it was comparing one play through of LotF vs a ton of Souls play throughs. of course it makes Souls games seem like they have more longevity if that's the case.

Muadiib1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

Souls games are 80+ hours for one play through.

mattdillahunty1546d ago

if anyone takes 80+ hours to beat a Souls game, they must be absolutely downright terrible at the game. a normal play through is easily 20-30 hours without speeding through or skipping anything.

vikingland11546d ago

You are a gaming god , I'm not worthy.

DarkOcelet1546d ago

Thats funny it took me 90 hours on my first playthrough only and it was a well spent time , and i thought the game will be easier on .NG+ ... i was wrong , so wrong .

Brazz1545d ago

if ya playing on "easy" looking secrets on internet and searching for safe "builds" that are going to make you a "beast" than yeah, your first play will take 10-20h...

but if you want "the real adventure" "on your first run" than your first play can easily get to 40-50h.
more than this, if you want to beat all bosses and feel the entire experience od DS (i'm not talking abut having all thropies/achievements) you will run like +100h, perhaps even +200h, on this game on pvp, online coop, and finding secrets.

bigtrucknd1545d ago

I have a platinum in all three souls games. Each one took around 100 hours to get every single trophy. I hope lords is about the same.

user65409481545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )

I completed Dark Soyls in 160 hours and DS2 is in 130 (both in my first attempts). There are A LOT of things to do in those games.

cpayne931545d ago

Took me 60 hours on my first playthrough. Everyone I know had similar playtimes, although I beat the game in 7 hours my fourth time trying. A lot of it depends on how much side stuff you do.

levian1545d ago

All my first playthroughs are 70 hours, and subsequent playthroughs are roughly 40-60. Those 70 hours are spent trying to find secrets and exploring every corner in the game, talking to every NPC as many times as I can, trying to collect every secret piece of armour and weapons, farming items/armor/weapons, a TON of time is spent simply helping people through difficult boss fights.

And that gameplay length for me doesn't even delve into PvP. When I get into that, the game is never ending.

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Magicite1546d ago

I like both, but I fear BB will be too hard for me.

Clown_Syndr0me1545d ago

So do I. Love the setting/style but DS games are too hard for me. I play nearly every game on the hardest difficulty, most FPS and TPS Action Adventure games I will play first time on whatevers hardest. I find it makes it last longer and feels more rewarding.
However I tried DS on normal/easy and couldnt get further than a couple of hours in. Just kept dying and grew tired of that very quickly. Its a shame as Ive heard so many good things.

Dark111546d ago

Yeah i'm getting Lords of the Fallen Day 1
i might rent bloodborne though.

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UltraNova1545d ago

What?? It should be the other way around man I mean its From Software we are talking about here...

Hmmm, maybe you are going to get the next tomb raider day 1 and give Uncharted 4 a rent later on too??

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URNightmare1546d ago

It does! This looks like Demon's Souls and Bloodborne looks like Demon's Souls on steroids! That's just the impression I'm getting from what I've seen of both games. Both of them look worth the $$ but I am more interested in Bloodborne honestly speaking.

Aquariusgamer1545d ago

why compare a multiplat to an exclusive? a ps4 owner can just get both. only a person who doesn't have a ps4 would create a salty sounding article like this one. And, if the article ISN'T salty, then why not just write about how great lotf looks, and leave bb out of it?

I'm personally looking forward to both games.

thereapersson1545d ago

Don't forget, aquariusgamer, the PS4 gamers will be getting the best console experience possible.

AndrewLB1545d ago

thereapersson- But unfortunately for them, they wont be getting the best experience possible.

killacal131545d ago

I think this is the game that wishes it was Bloodborne, don't get me wrong, it is also a beautiful game, but Bloodborne is where it's at baby!!

jholden32491545d ago

I just don't understand the appeal of Bloodborne. That overtly gothic atmosphere is NOT what I'm into.

I think they tanked their chance at a good Souls sequel and squandered it on that gothic monstrosity.

Just gimme a more normal adventuring atmosphere, not some grotesque, gory foray into the genre.

This is my idea if the genre done right. Every time I see Bloodborne though I just face palm. Of course people made their minds up about the game before they ever saw footage. It was a done deal before we even had a formal title announced.

oasdada1545d ago


if u dislike the game so much then stop looking at it and ignore it.. i just bought a ps4 for bloodborne cuz of the atmosphere and cuz there are too many demon souls clones out there that we need a little fresh perspective to the genre.. i guess eve1 has their own opinion so stop acting like eve1 is an idiot

thereapersson1545d ago

You just answered your own question. Why do people like different things than you?

princejb1341545d ago

I think lords of the fallen is going to be more impressive than bloodborne. Honestly bloodborne is one of those games that is getting overhype and is not going to deliver. It looks very boring.

oasdada1545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )

can sum1 plz add a delete button? double post

_-EDMIX-_1545d ago

"getting overhype and is not going to deliver"


You sir...have not played Demon Souls, or Dark Souls 1 or 2.

They hype for this game is 100% warranted as its an established IP in terms of what it exactly is.

New IP in terms of setting, but what your doing is pretty much like what was being done in Demon and Dark Souls.

Looks boring? Play a souls game to understand what your even talking about.

Lords is very much less likely to be more impressive then an established successful game concept.

Many LOVED Demo Souls, LOVE Dark Souls 1 and 2, will likely like Bloodborne.

Sorry but many statements even comparing the games sounds a bit more like salty XB fanboys that are mad that they can't get in on it.

I know of very little PS4 gamers WHO PLAYED Souls who are not looking forward to Bloodborne.

like zero.

Hey...I know even LESS that are saying THIS GAME OF ALL GAMES will be "better" then Bloodborne. Thats almost a joke.

strangeaeon1545d ago

And did anyone else notice the ridiculous sound effects in Bloodborne? Its the same exact sounds over and over when you slay something. I also hate the way loot is dealt with in the Demon/Souls games, thousands of empty barrels and boxes really just sucks.Instead I pick up "souls". Dumb.

princejb1341545d ago


Actually I used to own demon souls and I beat it. I never played demon souls 2 though. Decent game but it wasn't one of those games where I would play twice. And I do beat the majority of my games at least 2 times.

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assdan1545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )

I hadn't heard of this game until I saw this article, so I watched a video of it. Honestly, from the brief gameplay I saw, this looks like a cheap souls clone.
I also must note that the writer of this article doesn't get that people who play souls games love the lack of checkpoints. Honestly, one of the most annoying parts about dark souls 2 was how almost every boss had a checkpoint within a minute of it.

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AHV1546d ago

Haven't really looked into that game (Lords of the Fallen) so far, sounds like I should.

Alexious1546d ago

You definitely should. It will surprise a lot of people, I reckon.

nX1546d ago

Not to be the naysayer but to me it looks like a casual Souls game with low production value and no hit feedback at all. I would love to be interested in it but I just can't, hope you guys enjoy it though.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1546d ago

Ive had it on my radar for a while. It borrows a lot from souls series but mixes it up in unique ways. Gonna get it on launch.

G20WLY1546d ago

From all I've seen and read about LOTF, it will make a very worthy and enjoyable stop-gap until Bloodborne arrives. I'm looking forward to it.

Interestingly, I've not heard of anyone else preferring LOTF at this stage to Bloodborne - are you being...'cool'?

cpayne931545d ago

Tbh I'm unsure of this game, while it looks good on a technical level, I'm not really digging the art style too much. Also, the devs have made really bad games in the past, so thats worrisome.

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LavaLampGoo1546d ago

Had a brief go of Lords of the Fallen at Gamescom. Its was so much fun.

NovusTerminus1546d ago

I am really considering LotF. so many games coming out soon I am trying to be careful!

Alexious1546d ago

You're right about that. You might want to buy the PC version if you have the hardware, as it will be the best and the cheapest one.

NovusTerminus1545d ago

Didn't realize it was at a lower price on Steam... Most likely will get it through them then.

DanielGearSolid1546d ago

"Overall, gameplay felt like a rehashed version of Dark Souls II; it was a bit disappointing to see that"

I'm confused by this statement...

LOTF's whole battle system is based on Demon Souls/Dark Souls..

The term "rehashed" is putting a negative light on Bloodborne, when LOTF is doing the same exact thing

monkeyDzoro1546d ago

Attacking the "next big thing", which is Bloodborne in this case, by applying the basics: DOUBLE STANDARD.
Why ? To sound original.
"I'm not impressed by the game which has got all the attention, but by this little game I found myself".

The thing is, both games are inspiring themselves from Souls' games. Except that, one is from the original creator of the Souls series.
And from the footages I watched of both games, Bloodborne seems to have the best BOSS fights, with diverse and more challenging attacks.

This said, LOTF looks good also. But hey, today we have a lot of "entitled gamers". Especially in the "gaming media".

zeuanimals1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

This is a Worldsfactory article, they're one of these new clickbait sites that nobody cares about. The writers of them are probably the same people who post them here to get more clicks with clickbait titles.

Also, they released an article called "News and Release of PS4 Firmware 2.0 Coming Soon" that's based on industry non-insider Tidux's info. All he said was they will release the info by the end of September, and that makes him an insider even though basically everyone who was paying attention to TGS knows that since Sony themselves said it. So we're all insiders too.

People need to stop giving these sites their undeserved clicks.

Edit: Yup, it's all submitted by Alexious, who is also probably the writer of the articles too. Some articles are "decent", but others might as well be blogposts; like this one.

Alexious1546d ago

Lords of the Fallen is indeed based on Dark Souls, but it's also a bit different. Here's a tidbit from an interview published today(

"It’s Dark Souls meets Borderlands meets Tekken-slash-Street Fighter. When you play the game, you’ll immediately think of Dark Souls because it’s a third-person melee combat game, so it looks and feels like Dark Souls. But there are elements that we wanted to take from other games, which is why there’s a skill tree that you unlock and upgrade. This is where Borderlands steps in. And it also has an arcade-ish approach to some elements. It has a lot of perfect-clicking-combo kind of stuff, advanced tactics, which is where the fighting games come in."

Kayant1546d ago

That doesn't change what DanielGearSolid is saying. The base combat system even move set such as rolling is very similar to dark/demon souls.

There is also the fact that this is the author's thoughts versus the link you posted which is the devs.

Aquariusgamer1545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )


wow, because no game has EVER had rolling before!

danielgearsolid must be some sort of observant savant to have noticed a rolling similarity!

i had no idea the souls games invented rolling, but i'll be sure to tell everyone!

Aquariusgamer1545d ago

That's because people can't grasp the concept of games in the same genre having similar gameplay. If there is ONE stand out game in any given genre, all others are cloned.

I mean seriously, this guy calls lotf's gameplay rehashed, but will probably turn around and give fps games great reviews, even though all of those play almost identically.

Kingscorpion19811545d ago

Exactly!! I laugh when he said that. I feel like LOTF is copying From Software

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