VR vs. Crescent Bay

VRFocus - For a company that proudly presents itself as an open organisation, Oculus VR is very good at keeping its cards close to its chest. In an industry where press leaks occur in the build up to seemingly every major event, here’s a company that shares its progress at regular intervals, makes its hardware readily available, and yet keeps everyone guessing with what it will do next. Practically no one knew what to expect from CEO Brendan Iribe’s keynote that kicked off the second day of the Oculus Connect developer conference in Hollywood, California on 20th September 2014. Would we finally see the consumer Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD)? Was the rumoured internally-developed controller finally to be announced? As it turns out, it wasn’t either of those two.

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AndrewLB1545d ago

Thats what you call a smart company. The biggest and most common screw up tech companies do is the intentional or unintentional leaking to the press. Not only does it let competitors know what you're up to, but it has a big effect on product sales because consumers looking to spend a good amount of money tend to hold off making a purchase if a much better version is coming out. The other issue with leaks is it lets consumers know that current products will be seeing a big price drop very soon, so if they don't want to buy the upcoming model which may be more expensive, they can wait till it's released and grab up last years model for dirt cheap.
One of the biggest offenders is AMD and their stock price of under $4 shows it. Their marketing team, constant leaks, and the resulting lackluster products are all problems the company needs to clean house to fix.
On the other hand, nVidia is typically very good at holding onto their cards until the last week or so before announcement. The recent release of the gtx 980 was kept quite secret until things began leaking out of China a couple weeks before launch, then the cat was out of the bag sometime about a week beforehand. for a company of that size, it's quite impressive.