FIFA 15 Is Out Now

FIFPlay: FIFA 15 is out now (Sep. 23rd) in North America and some parts of Asia such as in Singapore and Hong Kong.

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TheBreezyBB1397d ago

Really? is this really news?

ForgottenProphecy1397d ago

inb4 every game gets an article like this

the_mack_attack31397d ago

Does anybody really care that you care..... The whole world is spiraling out of control!!

dubal-e1397d ago

Anddd in other news, nobody cares.

Yi-Long1397d ago

Actually, millions of football fans and gamers around the world care. A LOT! And rightly so. Great game.

demonicale1397d ago

I'm getting the game Friday and don't care.

dubal-e1393d ago

Yea they'll be buying football. Its called Madden

pop-voxuli1397d ago

So?? I mean really, its just soccer.

Ju1397d ago

W/e. This is one of the best games ever made!