Sony Dreams of Profit With Morpheus Virtual-Reality Headset

The upcoming Project Morpheus headset for PS4 is 85 per cent complete, according to SCE Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida.

Sony exec says smartphone components will keep VR headset relatively cheap...

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nicksetzer11540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

Getting close then, wonder what their time frame is.

SojournUK1540d ago

Mid 2015 is my guess, nothing to substantiate this but here's hoping - that would fall in line with my birthday and a legitimate reason as far as my missus is concerned to buy me one!

DragoonsScaleLegends1540d ago

Lol they want a profit who knew lol.

Biohazard88601540d ago

This thing is not gonna sell...

breakpad1540d ago

i m saying the same thing while i like pS4, i dont think VR will sell ..but if you see the competition all are prepared for Vr without one proper game in development

Biohazard88601540d ago

Like i want this do to great... but i just see it being another fail and more of a loss of $ for sony.. If people truly believe this is gonna sell big then you are ether a playstation fanboy or just a moron.. look what happened to vita and playstation move in america it barely sold i don't see this being sold to the mass market.

nucky641540d ago

I can't speak for everyone, but I'm not strapping that thing to my head! LOL

NewAgeisHere1540d ago

When they bring the games, it will.

ABizzel11540d ago

It's successor or failure depends entirely on the price and content for it. If they launch it with a demo collection and a few other games and it's $200 it's going to tank.

If they launch it with a decent variety of games, and many games patch support into it at launch with a bigger list patching their game in the future, and it's $200 with the camera, then it has a good chance of being a success.

We'll see which one happens.

Brazz1540d ago

the thing is... if this thing became a "VR only" headset than yeah, it will fail, but...
if Morpheus comes to the market as a VR headset that is alson is a "Personal TV" that you can use whit your normal games/movies/shows (maybe even Playstation Now), than i can see a chance of sucess, not a big chance, but yeah, there is a chance.

pompous1540d ago

It's the next evolution in gaming and if it doesn't work now then I can guarantee it will be tried again in the future some time when tech is far far better. I'm buying one day one as long as the price is $350 or less and there is content available that makes it worth owning.

And does this exec actually think cell phone components are gonna make it cheaper. Is this exec buying the same smartphones we all are because the last time I checked smartphones cost $500+.

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ninsigma1540d ago

I really wish we could preview these types of things like everything else. Nature of the beast :(
Would love if they had demo's set up in various places to let people try it out. Though even if that did happen, I'm in Ireland so I can't see that happening here :(

All the same I'm looking forward to what this achieves. Dreamed of VR for ever!

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The story is too old to be commented.