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Chalgyr's Game Room writes:

Hype is a dangerous thing. It helps to sell games, but it also elevates expectations. Take Watch Dogs, which was one of my most anticipated games of last year. I was beyond excited to get a chance to play it and when I did? I liked it (I scored it a 7.5 out of 10), but I didn't love it. I have had a few other games I have been hugely excited for such Super Smash Bros, The Division and yes - Destiny. Did Destiny live up to all of my wildest hopes and dreams? No, I suppose not. Did it disappoint me the way Watch Dogs did? No, not really because I still play it daily and enjoy my time with it. Destiny may get run over by its own hype machine, but it is a good game in and of itself.

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MetroidFREAK211514d ago

This game had a lot going for it, but the review scores honestly surprise me. I was not going to get the game regardless, but seeing this game land flat on its face in some reviews kinda worries me. Hopefully Bungie can fix their mistakes and improve a title I'm sure a lot of people are currently enjoying. Me personally, I will be playing Halo and Call of Duty to worry about a third FPS game.

Chalgyr1514d ago

Definitely a fair assessment. If Bungie truly plans to make this a game that lasts 5-10 years, then they have plenty of time to patch and fix things. Not that this makes it 'okay' by early adopters who might begin to feel like test subjects instead of paying customers.