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Martin Hutchison says "Hey! Listen to this review!" for

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ZeekQuattro1544d ago

Very good review. I'm stoked for this game.

weekev151544d ago

It really is a lot of fun. I have never played a Musoa game before but this feels like it might be adding a new genre to "games Kev likes" which is only ever a bad thing if I intend to feed my family at some point.

ZeekQuattro1544d ago

I have read quite a lot of people saying just that. Its a good thing. Who doesn't mind a little mindless carnage from the safety of their home every now and then. haha I recommend the Fist of the North Star, Gundam Warriors or Orochi entrys especially FOTNS Ken's Rage 2.

AWBrawler1544d ago

I love ken's rage, warriors orochi, and gundam musou. They need to make a new mystic heroes for wii u

weekev151544d ago

Gave you a helpful bubble. Once i get through this, Bayonetta, Smash and a few of the other November releases i shall add to my backlog with a couple of your suggestions. Id quite like a historically accurate Musoa, either Napoleonic war or Feudal Japan, seems like the kind of thing it is made for. Educate whilst you obliterate.

MSBAUSTX1544d ago

Friday cant come soon enough!