Destiny The Queen's Wrath Limited Time Content Video

A video which looks at the Destiny The Queen's Wrath new area in the Tower, and the items for sale.

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GuruStarr781515d ago

So, where exactly is this quest at?

crimsonfox1515d ago

It's not a "quest" just bounties really, But instead of Vanguard or crucible marks you get marks towards The Queen's Legendary gear and equipment. Wait... what the hell, just watch the video your self!!!

--Onilink--1515d ago

they did say it would include bounties and missions, so most likely something will trigger the missions, or they will happen later on.

bunt-custardly1515d ago

The Queen specific bounties are at the usual vendor and the quests are found on the Destination screen.

1515d ago
TRD4L1fe1515d ago

this is actually a good way to farm ascendant shards for people who need to max out in their gear.

Reddzfoxx1514d ago

I guess rare items are okay if you don't have a legendary auto rifle, scout rifle, or hand cannon. The Auto rifle looks like it rivals the Shingen in terms of stats.

Looks like people might grind for the shaders though