Nintendo Region Locks Consoles To Get More Hardware Sales, Says Mitchell Corp Boss

"Mitchell Corp founder Roy Ozaki thinks that Nintendo's region locking policy has more to do with shifting additional units than it does with controlling releases in different territories.

While Nintendo has always exercised some kind of regional lock in its home systems, its portable devices have traditionally been region-free — which makes sense when you consider that people can take them all over the world. However, this all changed with the 3DS, which is only capable of playing games from the territory in which is was purchased. Even the New 3DS — which is due out in Japan next month, and in the west next year — will be region-locked."

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UltimateMaster1543d ago

Of course they do.
And Nintendo fans are just more than happy to buy 3 different console to play their games while PlayStation as never been region locked ever.

ChickeyCantor1543d ago

No, ill keep it to one console. You're assuming too much, piss off with your garbage comments.

nX1543d ago

I don't think that this is their reason for region locks, it's rather due to licensing and different rating boards. The handful additional consoles they sell through region locking is not worth the bad publicity it brings with it.

Yi-Long1543d ago

Their region-locks actually keep me from buying a Nintendo console: I was in Hong Kong all last year, where I was considering buying a WiiU because I wanted something to play, but knowing it was region-locked, not just the games but the hardware as well, I decided against it because it would have meant problems once I got back to Holland.

I bought a 2nd PS3 instead, enjoyed that, and in the mean time Sony and MS announced their next-gen consoles, and so even now that I'm back in Holland, there's no immediate need for me to buy a WiiU anymore because I bought a PS4.

So hey, Nintendo can keep being stubborn and live in the past and region-lock everything, but in my case, and many other friends who frequent Hong Kong, the region-locking has been a reason to simply not bother.

Concertoine1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )


...What bad publicity? MS got good publicity for removing region lock from the Xbone, and no one cared that Sony didn't implement it in the PS4.

randomass1711543d ago

Not me. I just take what I can get and complain on the internet like everyone else. Region locks are dumb but I wasn't going to miss out on Shin Megami Tensei IV and Bravely Default for that! :p

vengeance1543d ago

Both ps1 and ps2 where region locked

slivery1543d ago

PS2 would have been a better example but it is still pale in comparison to how Nintendo is going about it now.

The PS1 was very easy to unlock the region, all you needed was a coil spring or you could just use a disc switching method while the tray was open. I just used the spring, I used it all the time to play Dragon Ball Z: Legends.

pompous1543d ago

I| agree and I feel Nintendo needs to change it's policies and their direction otherwise they are going continue to become irrelevant in the gaming realm. And as of right now they are considered the children's console. They have virtually no mature games. It's literally E for everyone or once in a while rated teen which is practically the same as E for everyone rating. Go talked to all kinds of people and they will tell you the same, heck in one of my classes a girl said here parents would only allow them to have nintendo because they other 2 were too grown up for them. This isn't the first time I've heard something like that.

stragomccloud1543d ago

Don't you have anything better to do?

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TongkatAli1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

Vita is region free and it doesn't do shit for it to translate into big sales so, in other words who gives a shit except for the few that actually do, I'm not trying to diss importer gamers when I say this, but to profit machines you're irrelevant.

I give Sony mad respect though because they look out for you guys, but in the end does it help them a lot ? Helllllll Noooooooo.

MasterCornholio1543d ago

Are you saying that region locking determines how well or badly a system sells?

That doesn't make any sense.


TongkatAli1543d ago

What I'm saying is region locking for the most part is irrelevant, there is post at the bottom where someone is complaining about Nintendos region locking, yeah, they don't give a crap because they are too busy being rich a f to care.

To answer your question simply, region locking does nothing for sales, most don't wanna read Japanese.

slivery1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

Yea I feel you on that one, I read your last post too. People are so harsh on the Vita but then Nintendo sticks them right in the back but they love it instead, just like everyone complains how expensive the Vita was but they had no problem buying a 3DS at launch for the same price, something that is significantly weaker and made with far cheaper components.

I own a Wii U, have had the 3DS since launch and bought the 3DS XL.. I will still say this New 3DS crap is total bullshit and not something I ever want to see in the console or handheld market, this isn't just a revision, this is the same type of garbage tactics you see used in the phone and tablet market.

As much as I hate to relate Nintendo fans to iPhone fans, they really are becoming one in the same, in the same sense Apple can continually release a phone every couple months that is still so behind every other phone on the market now and people still eat it up... Nintendo fans are willing to do the same, paying top dollar for outdated devices... When will they care enough to actually make Nintendo know? I've been sending them emails about this crap for years, (not like they listen) ever since their systems started becoming so cheap.

I seriously think if Nintendo doesn't stop being so cheap with their hardware, it is really going to bite them in the ass later. People didn't like it with the Wii, they just put up with it but now the same crap is happening with the Wii U, people are not having it again as to why it's hardware sales are still fairly poor even with good games. The Wii was huge at first but as time went by people started to see it for what it really was. The more they keep doing this, the more they are going to kill off their dedicated fan base that puts up with this crap for years like I have.

It is even worse when you have people like Sony that are losing a lot of money and having to restructure so much, but they still manage to give their consumers the best hardware available in the console and handheld market. Sheesh and people wonder why Nintendo has so much money left in reserves... because they don't put enough of that money towards the advancements of their systems, when it should be the complete opposite.

With all the money Nintendo had over the years, they should have been the ones with the best hardware, but no they were late with every single god damn thing there was, they didn't want to do online, they didn't want to make HD games, they didn't feel anyone needed powerful hardware... I mean how many times can they be wrong before they actually realize what people do want and not just want Nintendo wants people to have.

That is one of my biggest gripes with Nintendo is that they are so controlling, they feel like everything they say is the right way and that their fans should use their systems in the way they feel is proper, people at the helm like Reggie have even blatantly come out saying they don't give a shit what their fans say and it doesn't effect a damn thing they do. The 3DS has literally no social aspects to it anymore because of this simple fact and that is why their systems have been so far behind because they always felt like their way was the best way, even when everything else outside of that went against what they said.

LonDonE1543d ago

WELL SAID YOU NAILED IT!!! agree with you 100%!
A bubble up for speaking your mind!

voodoochild3461543d ago

The 3ds was too expensive at launch that's why it DIDN'T sell until the price drop and games actually came out. That's why that ambassador program existed. The vita was not the same price as the 3ds. It launched at $250 which was also too expensive for most people to spend on a handheld. That's why it didn't sell at launch.

You have some of your facts mixed up.

ChickeyCantor1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

"As much as I hate to relate Nintendo fans to iPhone fans, they really are becoming one in the same"

That can be said about any fanboy, the hypocrisy runs wild since 2006.

"Nintendo fans are willing to do the same, paying top dollar for outdated devices..."

This is probably the most ridiculous claim I've ever heard. I didn't buy a 3DS because I have my priorities, but to pretend I'd buy a 3DS for the hardware is hilarious. Nintendo games are simply good. That's why I buy Nintendo devices, not because I blindly think the hardware specs are the best thing ever.

You're drinking from the straw man way to much.

superchiller1543d ago

Wow your comment is dead-on, I totally agree with everything you said. Nintendo's hardware has been cheap and feature-lacking for many years now, it's as if they deliberately aim for the cheapest possible hardware, by cutting out features and lowering specs, to maximize their profits. Year after year they do the same thing, but their diehard fans are so desperate for more Mario, Zelda, etc. games, they buy the crap anyway. It's time for their fans to stand up and demand better products from Nintendo, the hardware they've produced for the last decade or more has been junk!

XxExacutionerxX1542d ago

Dude I like this chapter of your new book on N4G.

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ChickeyCantor1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

This issue only applies to a few people. Not the majority.

insomnium21543d ago

More hw sales? On what math/logic? Region lock sucks. I bought Pokemon x for my wife from USA to get it cheaper but it doesn't work on our pal-console. Eff you Nintendo. Region locking is so old school (Sony fan here) so I didn't even think about it....and got burned for it. Eff you nintendo for locking your consoles.

MasterCornholio1543d ago

I dont like region locking here. I import all my games from the UK because those games come in the original language. If I were to buy those games here I would be stuck with a dubbed version here. Spanish dubbing is horrible.

Take Wolfenstein for example. The Germans in the Spanish version speak Spanish with a fake German accent its horrible to listen to. In the PS3 version of the Last of Us Joel sounds like a pervert in it. Spanish dubbing is terrible which is why I always watch the movies in their original language.

Deadpool6161543d ago

Region Locks encouraged me to mod the hell out of my console just to play import games.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1543d ago

Like I always say.

If it was region most wouldn't double dip.

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