Dev Facing Problems In CoD: Advanced Warfare XOne Development, Another Resolution-gate Controversy?

Another resolution-gate controversy between PlayStation 4 vs Xbox One is one the card? this time around with Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, or Microsoft will be able to save the day once again like Destiny and Diablo III.

And on top of this, another Big PlayStation 4 exclusive announcement seems to be just around the corner.

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Septic1514d ago

Wouldn't surprise me considering what happened with Ghosts. Mind you, I take the words of these 'insiders' with a pinch of salt unless it comes from likes of Shinobi, who have been a lot more consistent.

Kayant1514d ago

Well this is from Tidux so... Yh. Yep given that from the trailer it was pixel counted to around 1568x882 on XB1 by DF/Beyond3D it's looking like 900p vs 1080p.

"The game gives the impression of a 900p title with post-process anti-aliasing, but the framebuffer appears to be slightly lower than that, representing a 50 per cent boost in overall resolution compared to Ghosts, but only 67 per cent of the pixel density of a full 1080p presentation."

Webbyy1514d ago

Yea but in all honestly, i am way over this resolution gate thingy. we all need to stop and play the games man.

Kayant1514d ago


And who says people aren't playing games.

DeadRabbits1514d ago Show
dantesparda1514d ago

People do play the games. But its still rather pathetic that a so called next gen system can barely even do/struggles so much to do 1080p. And the PS4 is not much better either. Its seems to just be a little bit better, Sony should be right on top of it, like MS, to make sure they have the absolute best versions. These next gen systems are serious letdowns so far, and neither has any real must have next gen games yet. I really hope DC convinces me.

radler1514d ago

Why even buy a next gen console if you don't care about resolution or graphics? You could still play COD: Advanced Warfare on 360/PS3 if you wanted to.

People who say that they don't care about the XB1 getting inferior games are lying. If there was any truth to their words they wouldn't have bought a next gen console in the first place, they'd play these same games on their old consoles.

Septic1514d ago


" If there was any truth to their words they wouldn't have bought a next gen console in the first place, they'd play these same games on their old consoles."

That makes no sense. Just because it isn't performing as well as the PS4 does not prevent it from being a next-gen console (sorry DeadRabbits...).

So you think there is no difference between the Xbox 360 and Xbox One?

XBLSkull1514d ago Show
bazinga_911514d ago (Edited 1514d ago )


Waiting for these so called " worthy of next gen experiences''.
Alert me when they become available.
720p, 792p and 900p ain't gonna cut it.


Well said mate!

bouzebbal1514d ago

@XBLSkull: "It's not, it is a current gen console, with a worthy "next gen" experience "

So you justify x1 superiority with forza killer instinct dlc dead rising and ryse? other than these 3 it has nothing.
Games run much better on PS4, PS has this massive exclusive catalogue that only you guys deny.
if someone owns both consoles nobody will buy a 3rd party game on x1 and every 3rd party game that comes out confirms x1's inferiority and it will be worse over the years when games will be more and more demanding..

why did i even bother answering you?

Kribwalker1514d ago

I'm an Xbox one owner and I don't care about the resolution being under 1080p. There is still a difference in textures, poly count, game size, sound quality, ect ect. A lot of games that come out on the last gen consoles were not even 720p. Especially multi platform games on the PS3. Did you still buy a PS3? Did you still buy the games? So STFU and enjoy your games instead of sitting here bashing other people's console choice with something you can't even see when you are playing games sitting on your couch 10ft from the screen.

Here's a pretty good list of game resolutions from last generation. Gotta scroll down a bit to get to it

XB1_PS41514d ago

To the people who say that xbox 360 owners used to troll when it's resolution was higher, or the game looked better on the 360. Look at these links.

It is so much worse now. This site used to be filled with discussion. The trolling was minimal. Even saying the comparisons are stupid, and to play on whichever console you wanted.

darthv721514d ago (Edited 1514d ago )

Why is resolution such a hot topic? Both the ps3/360 did 1080p and the ps4/xb1 can do 1080p so its the same resolution (number).

Why arent we discussing the LOD within the frame instead? Regardless of resolution, both the ps4 and xb1 are able to produce much more content on screen than the previous systems.

Resolution is just a number. its what you do within that number that matters. Its like comparing a 35mm picture of a person with a 35mm picture of a crowd of people. both are using the same film but one just has more going on in it that the other.

Personally, resolution didnt matter to me last gen. it doesn't matter to me this gen. Fun and entertaining gameplay does.

gangsta_red1514d ago

Thank you XB1_PS4!

How a certain camp seems to forget how they would always claim the 360 version of every multiplat game had some sort of screen tearing, frame drop or something unbelievably hard to tell and made up.

It's no different now.

"People who say that they don't care about the XB1 getting inferior games are lying."

Who says we're getting inferior games? I love this statement right here, I really do. The game will play the exact same way and have the exact same modes, options and everything else. IF the X1 version is in 900p it will be no less enjoyable than the PS4.

It seems a lot of these gamers care more about next gen having better graphics more than different game experiences, better AI, different types of level designs, wider range of gameplay, less loading times, and just an overall different experience than what we had with the 360/PS3.

We have already had games on Xbox One that could not be done on 360. Deadrising 3 for example, a whole open world experience populated by 1000's of Zombies with no loading times. That is what next gen is about.

gootimes1514d ago (Edited 1514d ago )


Yeah, dig a little deeper in the gen and find the obnoxious trolls that rag on the PS3 in every multiplat article.

There are MANY similar but I am not going to search for them. Yes, it was very bad last gen and the differences were even smaller. It was the worst early in the gen, when the differences were more noticeable. That is why your links do not tell the story of the obnoxious trolling and bullying from the Xbox camp.

I would argue it is much more civil this gen, at least EARLY in the gen.

UltimateMaster1514d ago

Nah, it'll be 1080p 20fps on Xbox One and 60fps on PS4.

dRanzer1514d ago


in ps2 and xbox era we play in 480p
you know tech and mostly pepole moved on
we had 720p last gen,we dont need it again

fr0sty1514d ago

The clouds have dried up, the bottle of secret sauce has dripped its last drop, and now they've moved on to denial that the problem was ever a problem to begin with.

cell9891514d ago

@Kribwalker The N4G community is well aware you are an xbone owner, you dont have to highlight it.

Youd think with the SDK update COD could finally run at 1080P on x1. I hope they can manage 1080P cause last year they were forgiven because it was new hardware, this time around, its been out for a year, now what will MS say

DLConspiracy1514d ago (Edited 1514d ago )

I love reading all the fanboys comments who need to come on every day to brag, rub in the faces of every gamer or just plain make gaming not enjoyable for those that didn't pick THEIR console. All to ensure their console is the best at every corner of every article.

1080p with dips in frames or 900p with steady frame rates. I will gladly pick. 900p resolution 60fps with dedicated servers for MP shooters on XBL every time. MP gaming is more than resolution or feeling better about your purchase by being a royal jerk every chance you can get. I own a PS4 too.

Sad thing is. A lot of these supposed "gamers" don't even OWN a next gen console yet. The world is full of sycophants trying to be cool online I guess...

r2oB1514d ago

@ dlc conspiracy

Please link me to an article that confirms CoD:AW will use Microsoft's dedicated servers.

Pogmathoin1514d ago

Rabbits, next gen is when Fifa 15 can do as many penalties as Liverpool v Boro! 😃

MysticStrummer1514d ago

"dedicated servers for MP shooters on XBL every time"

There are already XB1 games not on dedicated servers and there will be more.

OT - I thought this wouldn't keep being a problem, at least not for CoD.

k3rn3ll1514d ago

What's said is XB SKULL got marked for trolling when every other comment was straddling the same line.

Regardless but when exactly did a rule get set that in order to be a next gen experience it must be a 1080p resolution? So I can create a game with shit textures but as long as 1080p it's next gen?

Either way I'll buy on xbox one still. Why? Friends and competition. My ps4 can't deliver that and I defy you to tell me otherwise because I'll show you my friends list. And then I'll show you more msg matches on xbox at launch

GameNameFame1513d ago


900p don't guarantee steady frame on weak console. Low res is to account for weaker gpu not better performance.

So you get low res and same frame issue and same dedicated server as ps4 just like other games. It seems you Xbox fans feel need to justify inferior versions.

You can make up lies to make yourself feel better though. Lolol

jrshankill1513d ago

Are we still arguing about this?

Xbox One struggles to reach 1080p. So what?

If resolution ruins your gaming experience, then buy it on PS4 or PC.

Personally, extra pixels mean nothing to me. I couldnt care less.

Alsybub1513d ago


"If someone owns both consoles nobody will buy a 3rd party game on x1"

I do. So that I can play with my friends on Xbox. The social element is more important to me than resolution.

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TheWatercooler1514d ago ShowReplies(1)
I_am_Batman1514d ago

I don't see how this is still considered a controversy one year later. People should accept the fact that the PS4 is the more powerful console and move on by now. How is this still such a big deal?

Septic1514d ago

Well some people got ahead of themselves with the SDK update and because the X1 managed to obtain parity by freeing up an extra 10% of resources, some Xbox fanboys jumped the gun and equated this to a level playing field with the PS4.

To be honest, like I've said before, the gap will only widen in the future. But hey...what can you do eh?

k3rn3ll1514d ago

@septic come on u know damn well that even if that small percentage of fan boys hadn't started lying on the boards this would still be a top article. Be for real there would still be 100 ps4 fans commenting if xbox fan boy post on this article were non existent

jrshankill1513d ago

You see, people DO accept that PS4 is more powerful.. nobody is saying it isn't. Sony fans seem to like trolling to start a flame war which, by the way, is old and dated. It's like their choice needs justified.

If your almighty PS4 is the superior console, do you really need to cry about the Xbox One?

I am so over this, I own both.. it was fun to debate about the consoles months ago.. now it is just repetitive.

examples on this very thread :

Xbone needs to start taking the shame and realising it's place in the world. As the whipping boy to the PS4.

Knushwood Butt
Where is your cloud now?

They need to finally implement the "mighty cloud" tht would move mountains, what's the hold up? Oh is it because the cloud is really dedicated servers some games already have lol

need more sauce...need more sauce.... come on already. This is ridiculous. If Destiny could be 1080p then why not this? If PS4 hits 1080p and XB1 doesnt then this is a joke.

mark3214uk1514d ago

i just hope with the exclusive deal with ms they dont make it 60fps/900 or 720p on both consoles

they should still make it 1080p/60fps on ps4 if they can achieve it

if they cant achieve it there not working hard enough theres no excuse this gen other games have proved it can be done

AngelicIceDiamond1514d ago

"i just hope with the exclusive deal with ms they dont make it 60fps/900 or 720p on both consoles"

Why would they...

Ok, listen carfully. Why would the new COD be gimped on PS4 when Ghost was 1080p on PS4 and yet 720p on X1 and the X1 version always has an exclusive deal with COD?

I know logic is nearly none existent here but think about it a little.

mark3214uk1514d ago

you will be surprised what ppl will do for money!

MRMagoo1231514d ago

I agree with you mark, I am planning on giving this COD a go after not buying a COD in years but if the game comes out and is not 1080p on ps4 when crappy ghosts was, I will skip another COD.

LamerTamer1513d ago (Edited 1513d ago )


Why? Because things change. Just because MS didn't demand parity for launch titles doesn't mean they never will. After getting pilloried with bad press for always having the worst looking versions maybe they got tired of it and brought out the money hats for high profile titles? I mean they paid 2.5 BILLION for Minecraft so anything is possible when you basically have unlimited money.

I know logic is nearly non existent here but think about it a little.

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3-4-51514d ago

Well if other Dev's can figure it out, then they have no excuse not to work it out.

They have all the money and man power to make this work the proper way, and have the visuals be very good, they just need to do their job properly.

Septic1514d ago

Trust me, with their partnership with MS, I'm sure they have more than enough pressure to achieve parity on the X1. Which then makes it all the more embarrassing if they cant achieve it.

Spotie1514d ago

Which other devs? Xbox owned devs with all the time and resources in the world?

cell9891514d ago

@Septic excellent point with the exclusive deal they have going between Cod and MS, it would be a shame if they got the sub resolution version. The pressured is on for COD devs to reach that 1080P or heads will roll

KiwiViper851514d ago

Maybe they should load up the 1tb xbox one so it at least hits 1080p/60fps on the signature console.

UltraNova1513d ago


Lets say its impossible to reach parity at this point, only a month from release, why release a sub bar game (again) and shame themselves as you say when they can simply 'trim' the ps4 port to XB1 levels?

They could do all they can and simply release the game as is but when big MS is directly involved the pressure is indeed high to deliver parity, what you as a dev end up doing to please them its up to you.

Lets not over-complicate things.

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FanboyKilla1513d ago (Edited 1513d ago )

Sighs, almost a year later and still here we are. Sad. Whats even more sad is the fact that negative news on xone is bigger than positive news on ps4.

Lol the title ended with "And on top of this, another Big Playstation4 exclusive announcement seems to be right around the corner." What does one have to do with the other?

Thats n4g. NEGATIVE4GAMING. Why do you sony fanboys even bother? Your comments fall on death ears. 90% of the people here are ps4 fanboys just like you.

You wont see the crap this site creates on ign, gi, or gamespot.

There is no class here, and this site is flooded with ps fans. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

The game looked fine before this article. Nice try. Wtf am i suppose to now? Buy COD for my ps4? LMFAO ROTF GTFOH I think ill wait for that ps4 exclusive announcement. I mean every week you hear they are about to announce a new ps4 exclusive, so i should be flooded with ps4 exclusives anytime now.

@brettman "the xone will always lag behind in graphics" lol ummmmmmm ryse has the trophy for graphics. Res and graphics are not the same. Read up before you speak up. Lmfao at you fanboy.

Alsybub1513d ago (Edited 1513d ago )

""And on top of this, another Big Playstation4 exclusive announcement seems to be right around the corner." What does one have to do with the other? "

Lines like that are slipped in, to tenuously link to both consoles in news feeds. If the opposing camps see the article's headline then they can wade in and all hell brakes loose. Meanwhile the writer can sit back and watch the clicks rack up, along with their paycheck.

madjedi1513d ago

"Lmfao at you fanboy." Exactly wtf do you think you are, positive ps4 news or negative xb1 news. You wouldn't give a shit one way or the other if you truly were not a fanboy.

Better question is if this is such a no class site(really like we need more pompous elitism in gaming) why does such sophisticated gamer(lol) such as yourself still come here and engage in juvenile console war behavior?

If it's that bad close your account and add n4g to your block list, or do what the reasonable gamers do talk about games and not the non existent console wars.

Maybe you people just love the negative attention trolling gets you.

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monkeyDzoro1514d ago (Edited 1514d ago )

Yeah, about that PS4 exclusive. Could it be related to the 30th Anniversary of Naughty Dogs planned between ?
Uncharted Collection or new IP ?

P.S: I've corrected my initial statement. Not "30th Sept." but for their "30th anniversary". They planned several "anniversary announcements" starting Sept. 27th. So I thought it could be related. Actually, I hope it's related. :D

GribbleGrunger1514d ago

This is information I've missed! Could you link me to that please?

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cruzngta1514d ago

need more sauce...need more sauce.... come on already. This is ridiculous. If Destiny could be 1080p then why not this? If PS4 hits 1080p and XB1 doesnt then this is a joke.

Volkama1514d ago (Edited 1514d ago )

COD has prioritised 60fps for past iterations. It'd be a big deal if they strip either version down to 30fps, so I think some compromise on resolution at least for the Xbox version is likely.

If they shoot for 1080p30 then "resolution gate" has done more harm than good.

spacedelete1514d ago

weren't the COD games 30fps on PS3 ? i remember 360 fanboys saying PS3 couldn't even run COD at 60fps. i remember playing the COD games on PS3 and they definitely weren't 60fps.

Dlacy13g1514d ago

Lo[email protected] Destiny isn't a next gen only game. Its still a cross generation game held back by their desire to sell on PS3 and Xbox 360. They made many concessions on design to make something that would work on last gen.

CaptainObvious8781514d ago

Really? You're actually surprised?

Why does this continually need to be said? The PS4 is more power and it's going to show with graphically demanding games. End of story.

Why on earth do you think a noticeably less powerful system is going to magically by on par with the PS4?

ger23961514d ago

Agree, at this point the lower resolution on some Xbox games is the standard. We should be more concerned with how the game plays, as opposed to how it looks.

Kavorklestein1513d ago

I feel like resolution should be part of the equation, but not ALL of it! People should just pipe down already. Honestly, who REALLY cares THAT much? I know I sure don't! As long as the game plays well, looks like it does in the trailers, and has the same intriguing setting and storyline we've been shown so far, what is there possibly left to worry about?

Less detail on a Marines' american flag on his shoulder patch? ONE extra wrinkle on an old man's face? Big whoop. We're all gonna be playing the same game, guys.

If your version has more visible pebbles on the sidewalk then MY version, then oh well... it's not gonna make you a better player than me or vice versa... it's just gonna be slightly different or more crisp. Nothing to brag about, and please, Sony fans stop justifying your old trolling habits by bringing up last gen... if it was a bad thing for xbox gamers to do then, it's even WORSE and low of you guys to do it now. If you folks know how stupid and non-important resolution was to you and your enjoyment of gaming last gen, then why would your opinions and feelings about lower resolution matter to anyone else NOW? Be the bigger man and get on with life and just enjoy it. If you can't tell, people are gonna make their own decisions about things anyway so at least let life go on- instead of being eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth with your pointless vengeance.

It's about having fun, not just counting pixels like inches on your electronic dicks all day long. Ps4 is a good system, and so is the xbox one... let's just get on with the gaming and stop the complaining and being 5 years old like "my dad can beat up your dad" Bullshiteeeee