Driveclub: Beautiful Scotland/Canada Gameplay on PS4 Driven by Professional SuperGT Drivers

Sony held a Driveclub stage event at Tokyo Game Show on Monday, and put two pouplar racing drivers from the Japanese SuperGT series (Satoshi Motoyama and Kazuki Hoshino) at the controls.

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Sir_Simba1543d ago

This game is making get a PS4 next week

Septic1543d ago

The environments look stunning man. I'm really liking the tracks on this.

SniperControl1543d ago

This game is gonna be the best next gen racer yet, amazing graphics.

Cant wait!

bouzebbal1543d ago

looks amazing.. cannot wait!
does anyone know if it works with DFGT steering wheel?

Abriael1543d ago

It doesn't. Only thrustmaster wheels for now. They may add other wheels later, but they made no promises as it's in logitech's hands.

CernaML1543d ago

I believe none of the old PS3 compatible wheels work on PS4.

ps4fanboy1543d ago

Thrustmaster t500 is , thrustmasters are expensive , but superior to Logitech.

gamer78041543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

Bit dissapointed there wont be anyamerican cars, but sure the european cars are amazing

SoapShoes1543d ago

Hennessey Venom GT is American so there is one American car in it.

gamer78041543d ago

I hope that means more American cars in doc. But that car is half built here in a he usa but assembled somewhere in England. Keeping my fingers crossed.

KYPRIME1543d ago ShowReplies(1)
CoTton_MoUtH1543d ago

I'm gonna support drive club 100% I've got it payed off already thru psn I'm disappointed it doesn't come with a split screen option would have loved to race against my girl
3 weeks will be here in know time.

SniperControl1543d ago

You got it on PSN?

It's not on the UK PSN yet.

CoTton_MoUtH1543d ago

PS+ members get it at a $10 discount thru psn it should be there today for the UK

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The story is too old to be commented.