Destiny - Huge Secret Area Found

Take a look at this vast hidden area in Destiny.

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dreamed1541d ago

Another halo reference,geez let it go guys,so much for destiny being "a liberating experience" for them.

Fireseed1541d ago

You clearly don't know Bungie very well at all do you?

mhunterjr1541d ago

Bungie always references their old games in their new ones...

dreamed1541d ago

My point was in an interview i watched last week one of the devs said it was liberating getting away from much so they felt they had to reference it twice so far.

Just makes what he said sound stupid is all...imo of course.

Sashamaz1541d ago

@Dreamed There is nothing wrong with having a bit of intertextuality here and there. Referencing a game they used to make in no way does it take away from what they previously said.

CorndogBurglar1541d ago

Halo games had tons of easter eggs for Marathon, Bungie's old game franchise. Them doing this wouldn't be anything new.

This is grasping at straws though. It just looks like a rock formation to me. I'm willimg to give the "Master Chief Building" a pass though, as that does look a lot like the Chief.

spicelicka1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

lol why you jelly bro, so they're supposed forget about one of their greatest creations just so you don't get upset??

Regardless, it doesn't even look like arbiter, we don't even know if they intended it to look like that.

dreamed1540d ago

Im not upset,i didnt even buy the game,so not my cuppa tea....imo halo is hardly a great creation,just another mindless pew,pew kids game,destiny,halo there ten a penny same league as cod imo....

Classic clancy now those are games imo,tactical shooters which have been killed off due to the masses intrest in mindless trigger mashing....disagree if you like.

mhunterjr1541d ago

So the fact that they've included Halo Easter Eggs, somehow contradicts the notion that making a brand new IP makes them feel liberated?

I think you are over reacting.

D3TH_D33LR1541d ago

I think you should cry more about it

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mcarsehat1541d ago

Yeah, no, it's just a rock.

r211541d ago

IMO thats reaching right there. It looks just like a rock formation, nothing more.

ChronoJoe1541d ago

Yep it just looks like a rock. Natural formations like rocks and clouds lend themselves to very ambiguous interpretations because of their consistent variability. This leads people to see less abstract objects in them, however these interpretations are subjective, crafted in the mind more than they are present in the visual representation itself.

Jdoki1541d ago

Yeah, I couldn't see it!

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