First Destiny Player Hits Level 30

Destiny has its first level 30 player after just two weeks.

The player, named 'BGTV N3AC3Y', reached the milestone early in the morning of Monday, September 22, becoming the first player to reach level 30.

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urwifeminder1545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )

That's it voting the game down thanks for ruining it before I got chance to play just seeing the word Destiny turns me off now you done gone spammed me up..

Magicite1545d ago

BGTV N3AC3Y...what kind of name is that.

guitarded771545d ago

The name of a person with no intimate relation experience.

Shuyin1545d ago

Wtf are you even trying to say?

WeAreLegion1545d ago

He went from fully formed sentences and thoughts to this drivel. I think somebody kidnapped him and is now using his computer.

Septic1545d ago

Quite a feat really. Do you guys reckon this chap shared his account with someone so that whilst he slept, someone else carried on? Its entirely possible no?

"During that period he spent roughly 25% of his time in the Crucible....dying 251 times"

But how do you kill that, which has no life?

supersonicjerry1545d ago

why you gotta be so rude? don't you know hes human to

Septic1545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )

" don't you know hes human to"

Oh is it? Silly me. Here I thought he was an ostrich.

Anyway, I was just joking about.

Jury1545d ago

At what level will you aquire a sense of humor?

LightningMokey1545d ago

I see what you did there... Lel bubz

Clown_Syndr0me1545d ago

I thought you could reach the level cap in like 2 days? Ive read that so many times, I take it that's bull?

danowat1545d ago

You can reach the soft level cap of 20 quite quickly, but leveling up to 21 and beyond takes a lot of time, as you are at the will of the Bungie RGN loot system or you need to buy legendary / exotic gear, which takes a lot of rep/marks because you level via the light state on armour

Jury1545d ago

Totally not true. I'm lvl 25 and I've played way too much

Aceman181545d ago

Me and my friend hit lvl20 in two days, but going from that to 30 is taking longer since you have to get so much stuff.

CertifiedGamer1545d ago

Haters that don't understand that in order to get to that level requires getting the best equipment possible but haters will find any reason to hate.

wls10121545d ago

I wonder if murder cave is patched out now

HiddenMission1545d ago

Not as of last night and stop hating it's a great way to farm some encrypted engrams...

Why does anyone have a problem with players spawn killing enemies in an area of the game that almost nobody goes to past level 7...

There is so much other stuff to do in the game and the world to worry about those that choose to spend their time in front of a cave doing something that they want to has ZERO impact on you!

JeffGUNZ1545d ago

Exactly. I doubt they will patch it anyway. They "reduced difficulty" in some missions where people were glimmer farming by taking out the yellow bar enemies. Yet, this is a spawn of enemies which is common in the game. The only real way to fix this is by having higher level enemies drop higher level gear. I doubt they would do that as no one would play anywhere but Mars.

What's the harm? It's a RPG.MMO typ game, farming is very common. Try it, you get mostly crap anyway!

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The story is too old to be commented.