Final Fantasy VIII Initial Impressions: Breaking the Game

AGM: "I may have broken the junction system in Final Fantasy VIII. I've beaten the first disc, my characters are still around level 12, and I can usually one-shot bosses. Let me explain.

Going back to this game was intimidating because the Junction system is so complex. I knew that I never really grasped it last time I played so this time I did research before playing."

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frenchtoast1544d ago

You've not broken the game, that's how you play it. The junction system is far from complex, just that most people dont bother collecting magic until towards the end when you need it.

The bosses aren't particularly different apart from end boss, Tonberry King, and the Marlboros

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

Good Lord!! You Level in FFVIII.

You are suppose to stock up and draw magics to increase your stats.

You level does nothing but increase the monster's level and Ultimecia HP MAX is 270,000 which Squall on Level 100. Squall level only adds difficulty.

Once again another article that doesn't understand the design FFVIII went.

Pozzle1544d ago

The first time I played FFVIII I had no idea that the enemies levelled up with you. Imagine my surprise when I reached Ultimecia with a Level 100 team and got my ass thoroughly kicked! lol

It was a good challenge though.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1543d ago

I beat Ultimecia on Level 100.

I had Squall for ATK, Rinoa for MAG and Irvine for HP and Status Immune.

If you have Hero then yu could use it before she does apocalypse.

hkgamer1543d ago

as long as you have good enough magic junctioned then lvl 100 isnt too hard.

the problem with ffviii is difficulty depends on what restrictions you want to put on yourself. in a sense its also a positive since there is so many options to play this game.

Dasteru1543d ago

2 main things to remember about FFVIII.

1: Leveling your own team does not increase their stats until you have the stat gain abilities.

2: Enemies levels scale according to the average level of your active party, and they do gain stats by leveling.

Ex, a lvl 1 G-Soldier has 45 HP, 3 STR & 1 VIT. A lvl 100 G-Soldier has 3040 HP, 73 STR & 13 VIT.

Omega Weapon at lvl 1 has 111,105 HP, 67 STR & 61 VIT. At lvl 100 it has 1,161,000 HP, 255 STR & 113 VIT.

Bonus: Run, Card, Break & LVL Down are your friends.

k2d1543d ago

If you play the game without grinding you shouldn't experience any problems. If you find it difficult you can start drawing a little more magic and equipping said magic to stats. Just don't go overboard grinding for hours on end.

Most enjoyable FF on PlayStation IMO

Hovercraft1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

The best way to abuse the junction system is to play the card game A LOT, and use the GF ability Card Mod to refine items from cards and use GF refining abilities to get good magic from those items. You can stock up on high level magic a lot earlier in the game this way. Better than even drawing magic

hkgamer1543d ago

thats a good idea. draw function should be used only when drawing rare magic.
refining items, cards or magic to magic spells is vital.

i really want to try a speed run one day, but its been too long so my viii knowledge isnt as great as it used to be. also dont want to read any guides.

hkgamer1543d ago

thats not breaking the game. or not the true way to break game.

true way of breaking game is grinding AP with Seifer and an unconcious zell an Squall. probably not the quickest way, but definitely one of the earliest stages you can break game completely without gaining exp.

grinding with Seifer and Edea will help you lvl your GF aswell. not 100% sure but what i can remember is AP does not affect your GF lvling experience.