The value of trophies and achievments

Trophies and achievements are constantly growing in popularity, but what is it that draws us gamers towards collecting them?

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seporith1545d ago

It would be a nice touch if they add somekind of bonus. For example if you get a platinum trophy, for that you could get a free avatar or theme,maybe a free dlc or some other bonus. In battlefield it could be a special multyplayer weapon and so on... The possibilities are endless.

DualWielding1545d ago

there should be a bonuses for leveling up on PSN..... the level bar just feel pointless since you don't get nothing for leveling up, not even a ping and a prompt like when getting a trophy

seporith1545d ago

Thats a great idea also :) Maybe like 1% discount for every 5 or 10 levels, something to revard loyal members.

jambola1545d ago

Actually, you do get nothing for leveling up.

NukaCola1545d ago

It's just bragging rights. But I enjoy getting them. The reward for me is those riddle trophies you have to figure out and work outside the box for. I can't stand it when a game has achievements just for completing a level or collecting everything. Ghostbusters and Bordetlands has some pretty cool trophies for doing unconventional activities. Devs should focus on that.

jackanderson19851545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )

Deleted this comment as it's no longer relevant, they changed the XBL rewards programme

Palitera1545d ago

Surely it would be good.

XBox had actual small discounts based on GamerScore, IIRC.

Playstation had the auction in which we could bid with gold trophies for ultra awesome physical items.

But, the way it is, even digital avatars would be good.

By the way, I'd pay anything for a figure replica of the Demon's Souls trophies. Those boss icons are pure awesomeness.

Seraphim1545d ago

Oh no! that would mean developers would have to spend additional time creating an avatar! We can't have that kind of revenue loss.

I've mentioned this in the past. It would be a nice touch offering a nice avatar or in game item for certain achievements such as a Platinum. Of course anything to bring more quality avatar options I'm in support of. They're always so cheesy looking. It would be a nice little touch and surely wouldn't be too costly on the developers end to add unlocks into some trophies or just the Platinum.

Personally I'm somewhat over the trophy whoring but at the same time it does add some value and a different dimension to gaming. Sometimes a reason to replay a game, at least for me. I like some of the easier ones that get you trying to play or do something you normally wouldn't. At the end of the day I think for those interested trophies/achievements simply give you more reason to keep playing a game and getting more value out of something. In the past I'd beat a game once and likely be done with it. Since PS3 there's dozens games I went back to play for Platinum or some other random trophies.

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GuruStarr781545d ago

I'm just glad they exist.. even though it would be nice to get something... I'm disappointed Nintendo hasn't done this.. It's nice to have something to "show off" to your friends.. Heck, Nintendo even "took away" the 3 Stars next to your name in Mario Kart 8, that showed everyone that you dominated the 150cc tracks, that really annoyed me, as I worked hard as hell to do it, like I did on Mario Kart 7 and Mario Kart wii.

HotSoup1545d ago

I feel the same, i would buy more 3rd party wii u games if they had achievements.

ShaunCameron1545d ago

Actually, the Wii U does have some Achievement system. It's just that it's done at the discretion of the developers and publishers and can only be viewed in the in-game menu such as Resident Evil: Revelations.

jambola1545d ago

doesn't that just mean that some games have achievments? not the actual wii u itself?

ShaunCameron1545d ago

@ jambola

The Wii U itself doesn't have achievements. Just some games.

Omar911545d ago

That would be awesome. I currently have 24 plats but it just seems pointless now to work on getting more. Idk maybe its because im older now but it would be great to get some sort of prize or even a noise like you do when you get a trophy when leveling up.

Kurisu1545d ago

I'm level 9 with 0 platinums. I don't focus on trophies when I play games.

llxKonanxll1545d ago

You’d be surprised to know that some people do.

Kurisu1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

I know people do, I'm just saying I'm personally not bothered.

I got on just fine on PS1, 2 and 3 (when it launched) with no trophies. I just play and enjoy the game.

I do see the appeal though, especially for completionists.

waltyftm1545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )

I really love Trophies and my PSN level, it makes me feel good.


LazyGoron1545d ago

I have more Plats than you :) MartianOnShrooms...

But really, nice score... I'm 9 with around 500 trophies I think.

Love platinums, makes me feel like a get good value out of my game because it adds like 10 hours or more playtime to an otherwise completed game.

I don't play a game intending to collect all trophies. But it's a nice goal to set after a playthrough or two.

jackanderson19851545d ago

ha you're considerably better than me on the trophy front but my god going through that list.... infamous 2 you need 1 trophy (the other unlocks when u get that 1) and dragons dogma you need 4... i'm almost tempted to go steal your PS3 so i can get them for you

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