Destiny’s Queen’s Wrath event kicks off at 2AM Pacific today

Bungie has announced the exact time you will get to talk to the Queen’s emissary in the Tower for the new event.

The developer said on Twitter that the event will be starting today at 2AM Pacific. That’s about 5 minutes from now. It will run until October 6.

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Meltic1513d ago

If you leaved work just for the game thats sick man you need some help.

NewMonday1513d ago

the event's gives good exp bounties possible for low level players, don't miss them.

Perjoss1513d ago (Edited 1513d ago )


You need to get your priorities sorted my friend. This is News 4 Gamers, NOT News 4 People That Care More About Their Stupid Job Than They Do About Gaming.

matrixman921513d ago

you can buy a bunch of blue crap....woohoo. The vanguards continue to have the only worthwhile weapons

Ozmoses1513d ago (Edited 1513d ago )

actually if you look on the left side of the map when you click SELECT DESTINATION...

at the top on the left side above the daily mission and weekly stuff.... there is a queen mission.... you can get legendary gear... my friend received a legendary chest armor from it... I forget the name of it but it was "Queen" something.

there is more than what the vendor offers.

do 1 bounty for the queen and the mission opens up. I personally haven't done it yet so I don't know if her mission changes daily.

I am doing all my school assignments now so I can play all weekend. I was only able to play the daily mission and work on my exotic bounty for a little.

Nitrowolf21513d ago (Edited 1513d ago )

the mission is a set of them. You can back out of one, and it'll change to another story mission, meaning it's not the same exact one everytime (though it has a rotation)

kratoz12091513d ago

So does this mean we can visit the reef?
You know that location that we got to visit twice?

krontaar1513d ago

It's already been up all day. Talk about a late post.

weazle1513d ago

Pretty much rinse and repeat. More of the same story missions at level 24 epic. Nothing new to see.

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