Unknown Tomb might be the 'Uncharted' Indie game fans are waiting for

Verocious brings news of Unknown Tomb set to be released on consoles next year.

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Agent_hitman1544d ago

This game looks promising. The project needs more support.

--bienio--1544d ago

Sounds interesting cant wait to hear more;)

spacedelete1544d ago

not sure about an indie type Uncharted. the graphics and production values is what makes Uncharted unique.

Lon3wolf1544d ago

Did you even look at the screenshots in the article? It looks quite good, hopefully they can pull it off as I do love Uncharted.

hkgamer1544d ago

title font reminds me of tomb raiders.

anyways, judging from screenshots, this game needs to give the main character a better image. all we see is plain boring man A running around.

to,b raider and uncharted were succesful because they had likable characters.

nucky641544d ago

looking good....but seeing this makes me wonder just how jaw-dropping UC4 is going to look!