Opinion: "Crafting" Is Just Another Gaming Fad

"Ever since Minecraft became a mainstream hit there seems to be a slew of games featuring crafting to one degree or another. Is it always necessary? No. Are they just trying to draw people in with the keyword 'crafting'? Yes." - TGC

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ElementX1541d ago

When "journalists" have nothing good to write they have come up with some pretty lame opinion articles...

3-4-51540d ago

* Yea Building Things was such a fad 5,000 years ago that it never caught on.... What a waste./s

jrshankill1540d ago

lol.. bubbled up good sir

3-4-51539d ago

We LITERALLY would not exist as we do today without crafting.

* Crafting tools to help us survive & hunt for food.

* Crafting shelters 10's of thousands of years ago...

This "Journalist" is a joke.

KentBlake1541d ago

I kinda agree with that. When the game is ABOUT crafting, like Minecraft, it's really great. But putting crafting in every game just becomes annoying and tedious.

AC3 is the prime example of this. I finished the game and the DLC and never once crafted anything (who needs chairs in an AC game? Come on...)

aliengmr1540d ago

I think you are misunderstanding the "crafting" the article is referring to.

Its not Minecraft "clones", but games that utilize similar mechanics, voxels mainly. There are quite a few game out like this.

It basically digital blocks. Loved blocks as a kid.

MysticStrummer1540d ago

"putting crafting in every game just becomes annoying and tedious."

Luckily the majority of games don't have crafting.

OT - No it isn't. It's a game mechanic used by a relatively small number of games. Don't like it? Then don't buy those games. It's not going anywhere for long. Devs may decide they can't come up with a new spin on it and give the concept a break for a short while, but it will come back. Many people loved building things as a kid and crafting taps into those memories.

Gh05t1540d ago

How did I not know crafting was a Minecraft fad. I guess no game before Minecraft has ever had crafting because this author didn't even attempt to go back before Minecraft existed to show how it was different.

Piss poor article.

dafegamer1540d ago

littlebigplanet had crafting way before minecraft

dafegamer1540d ago

lol @ the disagrees you can't argue with facts lbp oct 2008 may 2009

Torque_CS_Lewith1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

Lego Island, 1997. Silly argument over.

ArtificiallyYours1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

The most right a gaming journalist does is denote whether or not their (often crass) opinion is an opinion. Unlike the glut of "Top 10 Lists" which the author asserts that 'everyone should agree'. The rest of this article is hyperbole.

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