The End of 2014 is Going to Bankrupt You

It’s famine followed by feast in the gaming world – we’ve spent the last few months with very little in the way of new games coming out, then starting this week we’ll be inundated. Make sure you’ve got plenty of spare cash, this is going to get expensive…

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DualWielding1542d ago

won't break me, only buying one game, K.H. 2.5 H.D Remix which is a budget release......

XBLSkull1542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

Yeah speak for yourself author. Working hard, going to college, learning a skill set, being old school and knowing I'm not entitled to anything, and striving to be my best has made gaming my cheapest hobby. Money is not any kind of issue, though having the time to play everything is - wish you wouldn't put all of the years best games in November and spread them out equally during the year.

Off topic: training people out of college is awful, everyone is a know-it-all, feels they have earned their job, and feel like they know more than you even though you have been doing a job for years while they are fresh out of schooling. At least in my profession you need to prove yourself before you have earned the career. Sorry but this younger generation is awful. God help this country if the selective service ever needs to be mobilized. This younger generation could never achieve what our countrymen did in WWII.

TheWackyMan1542d ago

Congratulations, you are experiencing what every generation before you felt. How does it feel?

Vyktar1542d ago

Us minlediums rite guies! Wur so dum! XDD

SojournUK1542d ago

It won't bankrupt me but I have 3 of those games on preorder from Amazon and there are still another 2 I may buy.

DaGR8JIBRALTAR1542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

Game wise,I have a nice amount in my savings set aside for this year and early next year. I knew the pain was coming....and I welcome it with open arms!

Gore-Content1542d ago

I'm getting 6 games by the end of this year. Those are the ones that I really want. Yes, my wallet will cry.

CKPan1542d ago

I think 2015 Feb is going to bankrupt me.

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