Why Barry Burton is the Best ‘Resident Evil’ Character

Great characters always leave their mark, and in the world of Resident Evil, there are a vast assortment sharing that distinction. However, for many there is one name alone that continually rises above the rest, Barry Burton.

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TongkatAli1541d ago

Oh my CAWD! We are the opposite. I couldn't stop playing Chris's campaign because of Rebecca, brilliant article, it made me rofl and thank you.

Asuka1540d ago

"I hope this isn't Chris's blood." - Barry

fitfox1540d ago

He's Great! but best? I believe the holy trinity of best RE characters are (in no particular order) Jill, Wesker, Leon. I do rather like Rebecca as well.

Sketchy_Galore1540d ago

Couldn't agree more. Very entertaining article, especially for living things.

hkgamer1540d ago

reason why he is fan's favourite
-cheesiest lines
-holds a magnum
-hasnt been fked around by capcoms later sequels.

was a shame he didnt end up in re5. original script sounded like he was given a decent roll.

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The story is too old to be commented.