Play: Ninja Gaiden II Review 9.5/10

There are some camera difficulties, but they're infrequent and hardly major. The difficulty is pure; there is no "cheap" in this game and there is no luck, it's all fair play and it's all beatable by calculation and reaction. NG2 is the perfect fighting-action game, it is the ultimate gaming challenge for 2008, and it's one of the best looking 'gore games' ever created.

If you want to know why Master Ninja level NG players give no respect to anyone who hasn't achieved this level of action-gaming perfection, you must become one yourself.

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BIoodmask3828d ago

this is the highest rating Ninja Gaiden 2 has gotten so far. I think it is a great game, but the original on the Xbox was also one of my favorites.

I just miss games that took true gaming skills to beat. It seems like a lot of developers are dumbing down the difficulty of games to suit the casual crowd.

Hopefully Itagaki can get the rights to the Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive IPs since Tecmo seems to be going down the toilet. Then part 3 would be just as good.

vitz33828d ago

No. I hope this is the last game Itagaki makes. His perverted ass should be in the unemployment line up.

GUNS N SWORDS3828d ago

you should ask your doctor.........he'll probably say, "what's a matter sone don't you get the usual symptoms when you see large!t I do"

Mc Fadge3828d ago

But sexually harassing them is another matter entirely

Legend3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

You do know he was found innocent in a court of law, don't you?

Legend3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

I guess I should have provided a link for you idiots. Nice to see ostriches have learned both English and how to type.


And Here:

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Fishy Fingers3828d ago

Generous? I enjoyed Gaiden 2, many because of all the blood and hard as nails bosses.

But I wouldn't go as far as 9.5, more an 8.5 in my eyes, but it's all opinion so each to their own.

Closing3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

He won't be able to get the rights, but he said he didn't want to make NG anymore since this was supposedly the definitive one. My friend let me borrow his 360, and I'm playing this right now. It's really fun, and the gameplay is better than ever, and it's great seeing all the bodies laying there with limbs scattered all over the place, but there are some problems. Namely the camera is horrible ofc, and there's lots of little things that tend to add up like why can't the blood stick to a surface? This definitely isn't the perfect NG, and could use more work. For NG 3 I'd like to see slowed down because the eye/mind doesn't have time to comprehend the action at this speed. It's just flashes, and limbs flying everywhere. This would also help the camera out a lot, which would still need to be improved. I'd like it to be more realistic in the action I guess. Still a great game if you don't want to think a lot, and just want to have fun.

I think the meta score is pretty accurate.

1stKnighT3828d ago

"For NG 3 I'd like to see slowed down because the eye/mind doesn't have time to comprehend the action at this speed"

You noob! ;)

green3828d ago

Sorry but any slower and it's no longer Ninja Gaiden.

Closing3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

Sorry, but any slower, and it'd be like the last one, but I'm talking about an even slower more realistic looking NG than that, but still having Ryu take on incredible odds. I've been playing NG since the NES days, and it's changed drastically so they can do what they want with the series at this point as long as it still has Ryu, and it's an action game it will be a NG game.

It's like the bs cgi action in movies these days where it's just shaky cam jumbled flashing images, and you can't really make out what's going on. If you remembered the good old days with the special effects work where it actual looked real, and you could see everything that was happening than you'd know how much this hollywood trickery bs they've got going on these days is such a rip.

Nervz3828d ago

The game felt rushed, the serious framerate issues (matrix style) and bad visuals makes one think that Itagaki-sun wanted it out the door really quick so he can quit the business, which he did.

Just doesn't seem polished.

honestly expected more. the Story is still bad, but as always the gameplays perfect.


it hurts me to say this, heart breaking, i am a big NG fan but i have to say i agree with you.

i was least impressed with the visuals, the character models are good, but the environments oh my !

please someone take the time to look round the NY stage at the beginning. look at the cars on the street, look at the lighting and buildings.

maybe i am the only one, but i just think they look horrible ! Before you slam me, go back and play it again and look carefully then give your honest opinion.

I still love the combat and action, i didn't like the story as much as the first one.

I will always hold NG above DMC in terms of gameplay.

but i really did expect more from it.

1stKnighT3828d ago

"please someone take the time to look round the NY stage at the beginning. look at the cars on the street, look at the lighting and buildings."

Who really cares on how the cars look? It's Ninja Gaiden. And from reading most of the reviews and playing the game. The gameplay is second to none. And that's what Ninja Gaiden is known for.

Closing3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

It definitely could have used more time, but it some of the visuals were extremely striking especially the first level. It's certainly the best looking one yet, and all the environments are much cooler than the last one. I thought the blood was the funniest part since it doesn't attach to the environment it just stuck in mid air sometimes. Some of the bosses are a bit silly too like that corny looking metal flouting train like thing that's just poorly designed, and not even fun to fight. Then the cutscene it explodes, but doesn't even make a real explosion sound. It sounds more like a small bottle rocket going off. Just little things like that seem to add up in this game to where you can tell it was rushed, but still a quality title with still the best combat system in the genre.

DARK WITNESS3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

@ 1stKnighT

Yes its NG 2 ! Its NG 2 on the 360 ! it should look like a 360 game. The very fact that its NG2 means it should be setting a standard in every department.

Yes the gameplay is great. but there are lots of other games that have great gameplay AND great visuals !

i expected and wanted NG2 to look head and shoulders above its rivals ! sadly it didn't. i have played it and finished it on 2 of the difficulty settings.

Just because i am a NG fan, or indeed a 360 fan, does not mean i won't call out a game when it should have delivered more.

I won't lie to myself and pretend that all that matters is gameplay when it suits me just so i can block out the fact that the game looks like crap !

if the game looked great, then everyone would be praising its visuals and saying how it destroys the competition ( and it should have ) but then when its not looking great we play the " oh looks don't matter card... "

NG black on the old xbox had the gameplay And it looked way, way ahead of its time. it was by far one of the best looking xbox games ! i expected NG 2 to set the same standard all round !

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ta1snake3828d ago

Just wondering. How many you guys are there actually beat Ninja Gaiden on elite level?^^


my brother has ! well, i think he has. if you want to check send a friend request to DARK PROJECT 1X and view his achievments.

poopface13828d ago

but I think that NG2 on master ninja is harder. I just finished pathof the mentor on NG2. thought it was hard at first, than I got the sythe and killed all enimies easier and killed bosses like nothing.

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