WWE 2K15 Coming to PC

During the September 22, 2014 edition of Monday Night Raw, the pre-Summerslam roster reveal was hyped up as a WWE Network exclusive. Beyond the muting of CM Punk’s name, the biggest piece of news here was that the franchise will be coming to PC for the first time.

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ValKilmer1543d ago

Oooh, so many stealth PC announcements lately. And fighting games too! First DBX and now this.

LightofDarkness1543d ago

Devs are finally starting to see the benefits of jumping aboard the PC train. Full Steam ahead! Puntastic.

DeadlyFire1542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

Well with the numbers of Steam and Origin shooting up so fast with Steam at 100 million active users, and Origin at 60 Million or more active users. Its no surprise that developers are acknowledging the platform at last. The biggest problem for PC really is just no big publishers pushing titles out there because it has always had an unknown amount of gamers out there. Now they can see the real numbers and are interested. Even the indies are getting into the spotlight on Steam and such.

Lighter91543d ago

I don't see the PC elitists playing such games.

wtopez1543d ago

Sounds like you don't see a lot of things.

Lighter91542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

I knew I'd get disagrees because people on here are so easily offended. HA! I wasn't implying that every PC gamer is an elitist. I just don't see people playing a "wrasslin' game on their PC, since there's way better games on it.

DeadlyFire1542d ago

Wrestling would be amazing on PC. Just think game mods. You can make anything happen. Way beyond what the console variant of the title could do.

1543d ago
SouljAx3601543d ago

It finally happened! I can't wait to get this game on PC and show support for it. Hope it comes to Steam though. Don't mean to be picky, just sayin. Can't wait to see how CAW creation gets taken to the next level with mods that wouldn't be possible on console version.

DeadlyFire1542d ago

Don't worry if its on PC and under 2K it will come to Steam.

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