Top 5 Destiny Exotic Weapons

The coveted Exotic weapons in Destiny. Everyone is clambering to get their hands on the hottest items in Destiny but not every Exotic weapon is suited to a particular class or play style. Even when you’re lucky enough to see that orange glimmer in your inventory, seldom is it the one most suited for your own personal needs. Gamers Heroes takes a look at some of the most exciting Destiny Exotic weapons just so you can get pissed that you notice one better than what you’ve got.

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SojournUK1424d ago

I'm quite happy with the gun I'm using, I point the noisy end at the cave and keep shooting. Seems to work ok.

remixx1161424d ago

Hmm, I guess ive been playing wrong.

SojournUK1424d ago

Destiny is an 'MMO' isn't it? Play it however you want :)

See you at the cave :)

Gears_President1424d ago

I see a patch coming that nobody knows about, many will go to the cave but will leave empty-handed.

SojournUK1424d ago

I don't think they'll patch it, it's the most fun I've had playing the game, love the random drop ships coming in - great fun!

Gears_President1423d ago

Yeah what could they really do its part of the game's design. Ive seen this can happen at more places than just this cave.

jnemesh1424d ago

Is it just me, or does Ice Breaker look like the gun from District 9?