The best Destiny players are on Xbox

Despite being more popular on PlayStation 4 by about 200,000 units, Xbox gamers are far and away the better Destiny players.

Stat aggregator Destiny Tracker has a list of the top Crucible players in Destiny, and it appears years of experience playing Bungie's Halo games has paid off for the Xbox community.

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johndoe112111546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

Dear mr. author, what if I were to ask you to look at this another way. What if I were to interpret those stats like this: the reason those xbox players have such high stats is because they are playing against some of the worst destiny players around. And the reason the playstation players stats are lower is because playstation players are on a more even level with each other.

Now, looking at it my way we can safely conclude that the xbox has the worst destiny players in the world and the ps players are more evenly matched. Exactly how are you going to prove me wrong? My deduction makes as much sense as yours doesn't it?


Slow news day huh?

AngelicIceDiamond1546d ago

@John I don't see why it matters to you that much its just stats.

Besides I thought the Xbox console is just a shooter box right?

So wouldn't the stats make sense then?

XBLSkull1546d ago (Edited 1545d ago )

I would attribute it to 2 things. For one Destiny shares a very vague feel of Halo - it may just be animations but there is a little similarity. Second, FPS is Xbox, and Xbox is FPS.

This hardly comes as some shocker. I know as an Xbox gamer if I want to beat up on noobs, I just transfer over to the PS4, play those same games and you just destroy people, PS crowd is far more casual and less hardcore than Xbox, at least when it comes to FPS (you see this plain as day because pro-fps is played on Xbox, not PS. It shows here in Destiny, but I am 100% positive this transfers over to every multiplatform FPS.

Sorry johndoe11211, own both, play both, and then tell me that isn't how it is. You are delusional. Owning every Xbox and PS since 2 and up and playing games multiplatform when it comes to FPS, Xbox is far more skilled crowd. It is just the truth.

Now what happens at this website, is I get massive disagrees, probably marked as trolling, and you get "well said," or "intelligent," when you clearly have no idea what you are talking about, because you are a single console simpleton.

johndoe112111546d ago (Edited 1545d ago )

Are you serious? The fact that you totally misinterpreted my response as some sort of perceived butthurt says a lot. Any particular reason you got so defensive? When the hell did I ever say the xbox was just a shooter box? Why are you aiming that comment at me? What makes you think it matters to me at all? Why am I even responding to your comment?


So many brain cells were lost reading that comment. You aren't serious right? You're trolling right? Please say you were trolling, if not you owe me some brain cells.

gootimes1545d ago

I agree with your post above, I would argue that on PS4 it is more evenly matched, meaning there is more competition for people and more players.

Gaming1011545d ago

The real reason for higher stats is xbox gamers have no lives and play games 20 hours a day. Destiny is basically a grind shooter, so those with the most time on their hands will have the highest stats. Especially those with no real life friends, girlfriend, or job ie. the average X-boner.

Brettman20081545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )

A lot of Xbox 360 owners have come over to PS4 so I think there is a lot of Halo experience amongst many PS4 gamers.

ChronoJoe1545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )

Article doesn't make any sense. It's stupid in fact. It basis this off of win/loss, but win loss is always in equilibrium across a community.

If someone wins, then someone else loses. If people at the top of the XBOX leaderboard have 80% win ratios, then someone else has a 20% loss ratio (not as simple as that but you get the idea). So you can't use a handful of players to say one community is 'better' at the game in this manner, because it also means that another handful are statistically awful, within the same platform.

You can't use this as a means of gauging skill across the two platforms because each sample is wholly contained within the platform itself. If the game supported cross platform play and we could then look, and see that Playstation players were losing more often, then this measure would make sense. However that isn't what is presented in the article.

You could argue that this means that the distribution of skill across the XBOX platform is less consistent than on Playstation (some are especially good, while others are terrible, whereas on Playstation everyone is more 'average', with a lower standard deviation in their statistics) however the article doesn't take a large enough sample size for this assertion to be made with any reliability.

The only thing we actually get from this article, once we look past the skewed interpretation is that there are a small number of players on XBOX that play the game more than anyone else, which has absolutely nothing to do with anyone being better or worse than anyone else.

UltraNova1545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )

@ChronoJoe and johndoe

You are both into something ! I can try and explain this without any raw data to process (Statistical analysis you gotta love it!).

You have a said pool of players playing Destiny. This pool contains a mixed number of players ranging from casuals to pros. Now in order for this pool to pollarise on one side (the skilled players side) like this article implies you would have to have either an extremely high number of unskilled players who get pummeled by the more experienced ones skewing the accumulative rankings in the later's favor. Of course one has to take into account the fact that this is not an online pvp only game and that excessive grinding by a lot of players can tilt the scale as well. (Unknown Variables, the eternal pain in the arse)

What I see here, again with no raw data, from both consoles is that since the ps4 is at 200,000 units ahead has a lot more equally balanced players who win and lose in a frequent interval, while on Xbox most players are losing to a fewer others exhibiting this trend in the end.

SonyMontana1545d ago

I don't see why it matters to you that it matters to him.

Sharky2311545d ago

Maybe there stats look better because there's less players.

UltimateMaster1545d ago

There's only one way to settle this. Xbox vs PS4 Destiny match up... oh wait, you can't.
Thank You Microsoft for forever separating players apart./s

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Mega241546d ago

He has to pull the clicks one way or another.

I laugh so hard at the second paragraph, truly funny, Bubble+.

I've played halo my entire life, reaching ranked 50 on halo 3 arena. Safe to say that I've been matched with some people with same level skills that I have on PS4 crucible.

crzyjackbauer1545d ago

Halo 3 arena?
halo 3 had no arena playlist or gametype
the Arena was introduced in Halo Reach
you cant tell halo 3 from halo reach
yeah you are better off on PS4

Mega241545d ago


Some people call it how ever they wanted, I called it Arenas, since it was just like WoW arenas. I am referring to Ranked matchmaking, the one that if you lose you'd be lowered to a previous ranking.

No reason to be a salty fanboy prick.

MRMagoo1231546d ago

I agree, there is nothing from this article that can be proven at all, the only reason this article was passed was to start arguments.

FanboyKilla1545d ago

Hell you cant prove half the shit here, but n4g is like a sony fanboy bible.

It makes sense, sony fans like res,gpu,teraflops, and blah blah. They are too busy selling sonys console for them to play the game. Obviously they just look at them. Res res res.

Uhhhhhhh what console does mlg use?

kparks1545d ago

It really is funny how this site has completely changed from pro xbox to pro sony back in 2010 it was the complete oppisite around here..

mkis0071545d ago

@ Fanboykilla

Answer: the Console with the paid contract to do so. Just as it is the official console of the NFL.

madpuppy1545d ago

"It makes sense, sony fans like res,gpu,teraflops, and blah blah. They are too busy selling sonys console for them to play the game. Obviously they just look at them. Res res res."

Spoken like a true angry fanboy.

Any time a comment starts with "This site is run by (insert console here)fanboys" You have firmly placed yourself in the fanboy ranks of the opposing console thus, Anything you say after those words are worthless rantings of just ANOTHER fanboy.

Frankly, the worst though, has got to be the "multiple console owner" they have to be the most smug, self promoting a-holes on N4g, they are the fanboys of showing everybody how mature they are and how they are the only true gamer because they have no console allegiance...except when they do.

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DeadRabbits1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

They may be Big Fish in a Small Pond, but over on the No 1 Best Selling True Next Gen console the PS4 they would be eaten alive by the Great Whites of Gaming!!!!

da..dum..da..dum, dadumdadumdadum!!!

kparks1545d ago

Lol my 1st thought was exactly what john says how can you prove that the top players on the console's arnt equil but the xbox is full of complete noobs who get mopped up every game thus making it easy to win games on the xbox not saying thats whats going on but its just as much a possibility.. who the heck knows lol.

Tuviejacalata1545d ago

You come out a little butthurt on your comment. Halo and CoD are easy explanation of why gamers who prefer shooters or that are good with shooters prefer Xbox. That's all.

Gorilla_Killa_X1545d ago

Well I just went to the tracker site and checked the top 5 K/D's and the top 3 are Playstation players with 4 outta the top 5 being Playstation players.

Eddie201011545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )

Stats like this don't mean anything, cirtainely doesn't mean Xbox players are better at FPS's. For every win their has to be a loser or loser's.

The fifty percent average wins on PS4 just means players are more equal. The higher percentage on Xbox would suggest there are a lot of bad players bringing up the good player's scores, especially since there are fewer player on Xbox One.

MysticStrummer1545d ago

"What if I were to interpret those stats like this: the reason those xbox players have such high stats is because they are playing against some of the worst destiny players around. And the reason the playstation players stats are lower is because playstation players are on a more even level with each other."

Exactly. The evidence presented here could just as easily show that the worst players are on XB1.

3-4-51545d ago

FPS games online have always worked well on xbox.

That is something Microsoft has ALWAYS gotten right.

* To say the "best" players are on xbox is just trying to get hits.

There are good players everwhere.

Don't let this article offend you PS4's click bait.

johndoe112111545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )

it's not that anyone is offended, it's just that the data can be interpreted in many different ways. This author deliberately chose to interpret it in a way to start a fan war.

"FPS games online have always worked well on xbox. That is something Microsoft has ALWAYS gotten right." Explain that sentence. What exactly did microsoft do "right" that would make it any different or better than on the ps? Having features like party chat has absolutely nothing to do with the actual game mechanics.

ALLWRONG1544d ago

Xbox gamers just have more experience gaming online. One: they been gaming online longer. Two: Live has always been the biggest selling point. Xbox gamers were gaming online while Sony was still trying to figure out how it worked. When it comes to gaming online, the experience level goes like this.


That is why you see PC and Xbox at MLG but no PS or Nintendo. Sony is still playing catch up. Hell, PSN has been 100% brought down by hackers twice in 4 years. Head to head PC/Xbox gamers would destroy
PS gamers. Even Xbox gamers don't stand a chance against PC. Just the way it is.

borgome1544d ago

Gimme a break, you trolls love this stuff.

Playstation owners are fat basement dwelling nerds, which is why they suck at shooters.

On the other hand Xbox owners have lives, they play sports for example, so they have good hand eye coordination, which is why they are better at shooters.

Boo Yaaahhhhh!

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KiwiViper851546d ago

Because the offset analogue sticks suit FPS.

Snookies121546d ago

Uh, nope. I do just fine on a PS3/PS4 controller. No noticeable difference when using a 360/X1 one.

Jury1546d ago

So who are they owning to be so good? People with analogue sticks in a different position?

nX1545d ago

I'll give him a bubble if he manages to answer that question.

Funantic11545d ago

The X1 has the more better controller. The X1 is better for FPS because the buttons and sticks are more sensitive and responsive.

TheEternalGamer1546d ago

Oh great more garbage click bait to try and get views for their irrelevant site and to try and to try to use subjective arguments to try and pose them as facts too.

Yes mr. author you are so going to get respect for doing this. Please someone with a brain who is a contributor please report this article for obvious click bait. I mean you don't have to be a rocket scientist just look at the title it says for itself.

Or at least make them categorize it as "Opinion Piece" since this is obviously not a news article but a Subjective opinion since we all believe differently.

kparks1545d ago

Done ive reported on your behalf! :)

IVanSpinal1546d ago

We have Killer Instinct, Gears of War & Halo (also Titanfall for now, Last Titan Stand is amazing) fans on our side, that stats are just expected. PS4 fans and fanboys love the Single Player games

ssjkiet1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

I'll take a game with a solid single player over any generic FPS. Any.Single.Day.

Guess my disagrees are just that. Disagree's. lol.

GodGinrai1545d ago

Ill take solid multiplayer over generic single player...see what I did there?

Tuviejacalata1545d ago

True, when you have a service like PSN, your best hopes are a game with a good single player. You never know what you get with PSN.

ssjkiet1545d ago


Yeah, You prefer Mp, That's nice. Here is a cookie.

LazyMinion1545d ago

Yeah, You prefer Sp. That's nice, here have a cookie.

ssjkiet1545d ago


Here have a cookie for being a clown.

KingKelloggTheWH1546d ago

I've been playing Halo since day one, As have my tourney friends and guess what!

We are all on Ps4 now.

Also more Ps4 players= more good players, I know thinking is hard for fanboys but lets be honest. No particular console has "better" players,

GodGinrai1545d ago

*looks atKing KelloggTheWH past comments*

"I've been playing Halo since day one, As have my tourney friends and guess what!

We are all on Ps4 now."

Im sorry..but I simply dont beieve you. just taking a casual view at your past comments makes it hard to beleive you were ever a serious xbox gamer..or that you even had a 360. I have a clan. we play all kinds of FPS over the years on XB1. we all stayed on XB1. I know a few other clans...I cant think of any that jumped to PS4, so you are either unique or simply lying.

"Also more Ps4 players= more good players"...depends on how you look at it. I reckon its the minority "ex" x360 guys tearing up all the majority of PS die hards on PS4. Thats how it looks to me. The best FPS players on console all gamed on 360. And now those same players will rule PSN across the board.

nX1545d ago

Your clans don't matter, the numbers don't lie. Many PS4 owners had no PS3 before, where do you think these early adopters came from?

MysticStrummer1545d ago

"I simply dont beieve you."

Oh well that's the end of the discussion then I guess. /s

The premise of this article is biased. The best players may be on XB1, but nothing here proves that. The evidence presented could just as easily show that the worst players are on XB1.

Reading the rest of your comment, both you and the author are jumping to conclusions based only on your own console preference. Your logic doesn't hold up at all.

KingKelloggTheWH1545d ago

I truly doubt you ever looked at my comments, if you had you would see many talking of my love for Halo.

Also here is my account, one of my newer ones but it will still get the point across that you are a troll.

Just face it, people jump consoles all the time. Not everyone is loyal to consoles like you.