Is PS4's Success Due To Superior Multiplatform Titles?

The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are now the same price and the exclusive software hasn't really shined, so is this the key to Sony's early lead?

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sobotz1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

The reason why PS4 is in the lead in term of sales, it's all thanks to: Don Mattrick

For me, the reason I pick PS4 first is because the starting price is more cheaper than Xbox One. (yeah I'm a broke college student, so I had to pick the cheapest one just to play next-gen)

Marioraider1546d ago

The reason why I pick PS4 first is because they have more games indie AND retail, higher rated games, AND better running multi-platform games.

NukaCola1546d ago

I've enjoyed gaming on a Playstation since 1996. Why would I ever want to stop?

Qrphe1546d ago

>more cheaper

The PS brand had been stronger globally than the competition for a few years already so it was expected for the the PS4 to be outselling the X1. But to be winning by a landslide is mostly MS's mistakes.

Eonjay1546d ago

It is because of Multiplats. Those are the games that sell the most. Exclusives aren't "better than multiplats". People act like they are but really the mass market could care less.

styferion1546d ago

globally it's a no-brainer really, we always play on PS before, most of our friends are on PS, and many non-gaming feature are useless outside NA. Those who buy XB are most likely passionate fans of its titles or gamers who have the funds to buy both console.

I'd say the focus on multiplayer gaming has somehow hurt XB sales, it doesn't help in areas where XB is the minority, people just won't buy it if none of their friends buy it.

ainTgoTTime2bleed1546d ago

Don Matrick...psssttt.....Sony has always been on top of MS, they don't need -a- Don Matrick;)

BattleAxe1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

"Is PS4's Success Due To Superior Multiplatform Titles?"

Well it certainly hasn't had anything to do with any Playstation exclusives so far.

hulk_bash19871546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

Speak for yourself buddy. The reason I picked up a PS4 on Launch was because the exclusives appealed to me. Killzone Shadowfall, Knack and Resogun. Then along came iNFamous Second Son and The Last of Us Remastered. So for its 1st year on the market I'd say the PS4 is definitely doing something right. 10+ million worldwide sales speaks for itself.

XBLSkull1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

PS3 was pretty much a flop if you compare it to the PS2. PlayStation only users were just thirsty to have a new console since PS3 wasn't very good. Xbox 360 users are still satisfied with the system so they have had less of a reason to make the switch so quickly.

For all you "XBLSkull doesn't even own a PS4/PS3/PSVita/Gaming PC" haters

Lol, "You are borrowing someones stuff" that is funny right there bazinga. Funny I own 3 PlayStations and only 2 Xboxs and you still think im a fanboy, because you can't stand that someone who owns everything finds PlayStation to be the worst place to play. I only own them because PlayStation has a handful of games that I want to play, and i have no problem spending a few hundred dollars on consoles to play half a dozen games. Gaming is my cheapest hobby.

bazinga_911546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

@xblskull a.k.a alexoepp

Speak for yourself buddy, ps3 was an amazing console with the best exclusives last gen. Your trolling is pretty clear by now. You people were starving for last 3 years for games on your x360 while ps3 users were playing amazing games yet you people have the nerve to call ps3 owners disappointed. And funny you say that because ps3 is selling more globally than x360, nearly 50k weekly globally, so you can cut that rubbish that all ps3 owners have jumped to ps4.
Enough with this bs and rubbish that you spouts in ps4 articles. Many x360 owners have jumped to ps4, and rightfully so. So cut that crap of yours and buzz off.

And that pic of yours means nothing. I can too borrow my buddy's toys and slap together a piece of paper having bazinga written on it, Big Deal! You ain't fooling anyone with your childish posts and ranting.
A little look at your comment history is proof enough to know that you are nothing but a pathetic anti-Sony troll.

nix1546d ago


I don't think Don by himself made all those decision. He was just a puppet. But he did make himself look like a stupid puppet, that was him all by himself.

MysticStrummer1546d ago

"I don't think Don by himself made all those decision."

Exactly. He just took the fall for the most part, though he did say some stupid things in a PR sense.

There are many factors adding up to PS4 domination, and superior multi plats are part of it. Some of it is the result of bad decisions by MS and some of it is the result of good decisions by Sony. Perfect storm.

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Snookies121546d ago

In all honesty, the main reason I wanted to buy a PS4 is because of the exclusives I know will come. So many awesome exclusives on the PS3...

BitbyDeath1546d ago

Games and not taking a massive dump on your consumer base would be the main reason.

TXIDarkAvenger1546d ago

PS4's success is because of Microsoft's screw up during the end years of 360 and the announcement of the One. Even if they didn't screw up, One would only dominate the NA market but not EU or Japan. Sony would probably still be more successful worldwide.

XiYakushijuAkeginuXi1546d ago

PS4's success is because of Microsoft's screw up

And better performing multiplatform titles.
And also the bigger and higher rated library of games.

Eonjay1546d ago

PS4's success is because of Sony not Microsoft. The PS3 continues to sell in access of 50k a week.

_nanotech_1546d ago

Superior Multi-plats, not to mention Superior 1st party.

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