Japan Floods Microsoft's Booth at TGS

While Japanese Xbox One's sales are face down in the dirt, it apparently isn't due to the machine not getting a fair shake. During the 2014 Tokyo Game Show, Microsoft's booth was jumping on both media days and public days. Gamers crowded around screens, waited in lines, and in general had to snake through a crowd to get anywhere in the big green zone.

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Bonkerz1543d ago

Damn thats quite a large amount of people. Glad to see Japan is interested in the console.

sinncross1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

MS booth was also really packed last year. Titanfall lines were 2 hr waits.

Its a convention that sees thousands offer ppl. I don't think packed booths are indicative of anything substantial.

This year, my friends and I linedupat the MS booth twice even though we have no intention of buying one. Lined up at a lot of other booths just to tey games, not because of the company per se.

Every booth is packed. That's how it's been the last 4 years I've attended.

mikeslemonade1542d ago

Those people there must be handed 1,000 yen stipends courtesy by Microsoft.

memots1542d ago

Is it the booth babe's ?

BadlyPackedKeebab1542d ago

Ower of both, and certainly I would like to see a 50:50 split just to force both sides to go all out to please their audience. But we have to understand that the people that go to TGS are in no way representative of the mass populous that make up 90% (guess) of console sales.

SilentNegotiator1542d ago

Too bad the launch lines weren't also packed.

k3rn3ll1542d ago

Unfortunately ur comments disagrees is vindictive of the hate MS nature of the internet. Apparently these people would rather have Sony have a monopoly on consoles. Because we know Nintendo ain't going to sell for AAA games. Sigh

Pogmathoin1542d ago

And how much does Sony pay you mike lemon?

C-H-E-F1542d ago

Exactly, they can "pack a booth" but if the console isn't selling what good does that do?

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Daz1542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

Picturers are a bad example of showing how many people are there. what time was it tacken and so on?

Also they where taken on a media only day so there you go

knifefight1542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

Those were taken before the show even opened.

They were originally posted on Impress Game Watch's twitter at 7:30pm Eastern, which is 8:30am in Japan.
The show doesn't open until 10:00am.

So the show wasn't even open when those pictures were taken and posted.

The second image is a photoshop.

MasterCornholio1542d ago


The first image is a Photoshop as well.

Just look at Dons face and the Call of Doodey poster.

The second has the crowd from Forza 5.

These pictures were created to mock the Xbox One. Nothing else.

CoryHG1542d ago

wonder how much M$ paid them

nX1542d ago

100¥ for timed exclusivity, 500¥ for full exclusivity

FanboyKilla1542d ago

N4g is NEGATIVE4GAMING, ive seen hardcore porn sites with more class.

Abriael1542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

Unfortunately, this article is utterly false, and I'm amazed someone would even write something like this.

I was there all four days, and as you probably noticed from my videos I've been around Microsoft's booth a lot. As a matter of fact I have another video later today showing the inside of the booth during the last (and most crowded) day of the show, at the highest traffic hour. It'll be easy to see it was nothing overly impressive.

Microsoft's booth didn't have any especially large crowd and the lines were shorter than at most big publishers. The first picture's angle basically creates a fake impression because it simply shows people walking around in the big open area in front of the booth, which was a major walkway. They aren't lined or crowding the booth itself, and it was like this everywhere during the public days. As a matter of fact due to the angle a lot of the crowd shown is actually in front of Bandai Namco's booth, which was to the side of Microsoft's (and quite a lot more popular).

The crowds shown by the other pictures are nothing special (actually quite small) for Tokyo Game Show. There were plenty other booths with bigger crowds.

The booth definitely wasn't deserted, but saying that "Japan Flooded" it is simply a flamebaiting falsehood.

dreamed1542d ago

Geez look at the disagrees you got, dont fanboys understand that its competition that keeps there console of choice at the price it is.

Monopoly sucks for consumers,but there all so invested in a fuckin company to even understand.

Do all you fanboys really want to pay...i dont know lets make a number say $1000 for a console,coz thats what would happen these companys would do just that.

God these idiot fanboys really dont understand what there even talking about

k3rn3ll1542d ago

At least someone realizes it.

Ps2? Wth are you talking about? That's not a monopoly that's a majority.

morganfell1542d ago

The idea tha competition is always good for the customer is one of the great overtold lies in consumer affairs.

Single consoles would allow develoeprs to concentrate on that machine and get the mnost out of it rather than having to split resopurces, money, and time.

When the PS2 was blowing holes in all the competition, Sony did not stop innovating on that little black box.

AndrewLB1542d ago

Yea. Well, it seems certain people are so bent on making Xbone look bad that they'll do anything... like a couple weeks ago some guy took photos hours before the xbox launch event began, claiming that nobody showed up. Funny how the photo metadata proved the whole article was a farce.

1542d ago
Eddie201011542d ago

Microsoft put a sign up saying "Restrooms This Way" in Japanese.

ScaryMonkey1542d ago

Look at the sales numbers, apparently they're not.

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knifefight1543d ago

Halo actually tends to sell decently well in Japan, despite the lower install base of the Xbox consoles.

Eonjay1543d ago

Halo tends to sell well everywhere.

knifefight1543d ago

It's worth pointing out because a lot of people -- you see many of them here too -- seem to think certain franchises are completely ignored in Japan, which isn't true.

christocolus1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

Damn that's a lot of people, i hope Phil was able to strike some good deals with a few japanese devs while he was at Japan. The 360 didn't do great in japan but i applaud the effort MS put into it at the beginning it resulted in some really cool games even the original xbox had a few of them.

I definitly wouldn't mind a new blinx, fuzion frenzy, otogi, lost odysee and blu dragon or entirely new ips. Scalebound,Phantum Dust&even D4 seem like steps in the right direction and we definitly need more of those.

Eonjay1543d ago

Otogi - great game right there.

christocolus1542d ago

You owned an original xbox too? Nice. That console had some really awesome games. Fromsoftware did a great job with that ip. Phil needs to bring it back.

VealParmHero1542d ago

Damn why all the disagrees? Those were all great games. And MS at least tried. Ultimately, if they fail in Japan, it doesn't matter that much to me. At least they will still try and this way fans of japanses games still get a crack at some of those games.

christocolus1542d ago

This is N4g bro&i've since grown accustomed to the trends in here. You get disagrees for anything.anything at all. lol. I've learned to just go through the articles which interest me and move on. Fbs can keep hitting the disagree button all they like it doesn't change

AndrewLB1542d ago

This is n4g. Any comment even remotely complimenting microsoft receives down-votes, and any comment that doesn't specifically mention Sony along with some sort of outburst about it's glory, also receives additional down-votes. Soon you'll have one bubble due to fascist fanboys who have to silence anyone who they can't argue against.
It reminds me of how last week Obama and Harry Reid tried to pass a constitutional amendment in the senate which would essentially eliminate freedom of speech. 48 Democrat senators voted in favor. I wish every one of them got thrown in a dumpster like the Ukranian politician who also tried a similar fascist move in his country. (check youtube for the video)

qwerty6761542d ago

dont forget phantom dust

and a sequel to that is coming :)

Whirlwind_Fanfare_081543d ago

After looking at these photos, this clearly shows that consoles aren't completely dead in japan, so i wish ppl stop saying that consoles are dead over there and saying they're moving to handhelds and mobile games.

BrandanT1543d ago

My mind is literally blown. I stared at these pictures for awhile, trying to figure out if it's photoshopped or not.

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