Destiny’s “Loot Cave” Has One More Secret That You Likely Don’t Know About

It’s been written about by nearly every major publication on the internet, and while [PowerLeveled] left Destiny’s “Loot Cave” out of the conversation here on PowerLeveled in exchange for our own methods, there’s no denying that the Cosmodrome is one of the best places to farm for equipment in Destiny.

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Stevefantisy1542d ago

I still have yet to try this.

JoeIsMad1542d ago

It's definitely worth while. I do this when my fire team is offline.

BiggCMan1542d ago

Your big secret is that you don't have to shoot the enemies....Don't waste your time on this article people. Anyone who has played the game by now already knows you can get drops any time an enemy dies in your vicinity.

spoonard1541d ago

It's the respawn rate for the Hive Acolytes that spawn in the cave. You kill them, and a few seconds later (as long as you are far enough away from the spawn radius) they respawn. Roughly every 7 to 10 seconds. THAT is why this works so well. No where else in the game does this seem to happen, that's why i think it's a bug and it'll be fixed in a patch.

FanboyKilla1542d ago

I cant help but do it. It also mkes everything but crucible pointless. Smh hince the low review scores. It shows how shallow the game is. Then youll ask yourself wtf is the point? I got gear, but for what? To go shoot at the same enemy with a higher level. Sighs

JoeIsMad1542d ago

In October Bungie is releasing the Iron Banner. Your armor and weapons will matter in their actual ratings, rather than being leveled out like they are now. There are unique rewards too.

Freeball1541d ago

@ Joels, Iron Banner is for Crucible only, doesn't have an effect on PvE.

orakle441541d ago

Whats the point of playing any game at all if that's the outlook your gonna have?

ramza041541d ago

Farming and collecting items in RPGs isn't soley to make it easier to kill enemies, it also feels good to collect better and better gear and beefing up your character. I'm a stat whore so seeing my numbers go up makes me happy

CorndogBurglar1541d ago

The loot cave is an obvious exploit/glitch that will be fixed eventually.

Don't even pretend to act like no other game has ever had something like this.

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Magnus7011541d ago

Also, if you run out of ammo just wait. You will get full ammo in 30-60 seconds.

n4rc1542d ago

Might be common sense for most.. But tons of people have no clue how the loot system works..

They rush in every time an engram drops because they think someone will take it.. Lol

KwietStorm1542d ago

And then the same idiots stand inside the cave to check their loot, so everyone has to wait.

TheSaint1542d ago

Ugh, that's so annoying.

SojournUK1542d ago

That is so true, then everyone waiting back at the firing area send rockets and grenades in trying to wake them up!

Farsendor11542d ago

Sometimes a lot of loot drops, have to destroy some of it to make room for other things.


Hahaha! I did that last night (My first time) and I walk out and there are like 5 people behind the slab just pointing at me like get the hell up here. I felt bad after :/

Freeball1541d ago

@Farsendor1, then get outside of the area to check your loot instead of making others wait for your ass. Common courtesy man.

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PFFT1542d ago

I only go inside the cave to load up on ammo. But lately ive started to just go after the fallen that spawn on the right close to the helicopters.

JoeIsMad1542d ago

That's a very good idea. More people should do this, and I certainly will from now on.

ipach1542d ago

your ammo replenishes halfway automatically. empty all clips and then wait and see.

SojournUK1542d ago

As n4rc hinted to above the loot that you see is all yours, nobody else can take it. Bungie calls this "Private Loot Streams"

So please, please, please stop running in every 2 minutes!

Tetsujin1542d ago

I only run in when I see a Legendary or for ammo. Lately at random I keep getting booted from the game, so to play it safe and "just in case" I'll run in and grab the Legendary drops that way if I do get removed I didn't lose my chance.

SojournUK1541d ago

Sounds like a good plan if you are being disconnected, I go when the ammo runs out too. Also sometimes I beam up from within the cave, keeps the others wondering when I'm coming out :)

orakle441541d ago

Exactly, the last two days I've been getting booted as well. I was letting the cave fill up with engrams, but got booted with about 6 blues and 2 purples sitting on the ground, so like you as soon as I see a purple i go in and get it lol.

n4rc1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

Shouldn't be an can't miss blue or purple engram's..

If one drops for you, you own it.. If you don't pick it up then it will be waiting at the postmaster for you

Only greens are missable... Unless you getting booted screws that failsafe up

g-nome1542d ago

Would have been cool if the loot was for everybody , loot fight , hehe

JoeIsMad1542d ago

It would be like Diablo II all over again. Terrible experience when you had to spam click on everything. More people would be dying than killing enemy monsters.

Excalibur1542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

Did this for an hour or so last night but me or the other two guys in my party didn't come up with any legendary loot.

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