Smash 4 – Tower of Smash Mode

Gaminrealm: So here we go again with another rumor courtesy of 4chan of a potentially new game mode for Smash Bros Wii U “Tower of Smash”.

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Moonman1540d ago

This sounds awesome! If its not true, hats off to an awesome idea.

3-4-51539d ago

Makes sense though that they would Go all out for the Wii U version.

* The 3DS versions IS going to sell very well.

* Nintendo NEEDS the Wii U version to move units/consoles for the future health of the system.

Wii U version will be PACKED with content.

kirbyu1540d ago

It's probably not real, but I hope it is.

1540d ago
DirtyLary1540d ago

Gotta be fake. Everything unlocked at start? Not in this game.

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